1st step to Pear Perfection??

So this wasnt planned... i had wanted to just chill today but instead ended up baking this soes jepang aka cream puff today.. why?? hehhe

Did u guys watch last nights' finale of the Junior Masterchef?? woweee .. i hv not missed a single episode of that program.. am very fascinated by the skill and the knowledge of these young lads that i cant help but to wonder if my little Sonia will ever be as knowledgeable as these kids when shes 9 heheh.. anyway am pretty sure if u watch it u will know that they had to prepare a dessert called Pear Perfection.. its actually choux pastry and when theirs came out perfect i was like... geesshh i dont recall getting the right texture and shape till i was after 35 hahahha..

Anyway.. I cud of cos try out the recipe that was given but i didnt hv any pear on hand plus where in the world can i find pectin NH and gellan?? kahkahkah.. so i started googling for an alternative and stumbled upon this site.. i took a look at the recipe.. and knew at that instance that my family wud love em and started preparing it right after i put Sonia to bed..

100g Butter - i used unsalted butter
130g water
110g Flour
3 Eggs
1/4tsp salt - i added

Topping Ingredients:
50g Butter
50g Icing sugar
50g Flour
1 tbsp Water

- Mix all topping ingredients - whisk until blended. Pour batter into a piping bag.

How to Make Skin:
- Boil butter and water over low heat.. once boiling take ur pan off fire and add sifted flour. Stir till u see like a skin of layer on ur pan.. off fire and place it in ur stand mixer.
- Whisk using med speed till slightly cool.. lower speed and add eggs one at a time.. whip till well combined.
- Pour batter into a piping bag.
- Pipe batter onto baking paper/ waxpaper / silpat - i used wilton tip 1M to pipe my batter
- Once done.. pipe topping onto ur piped choux.
- Bake on a preheated oven of 175C for 30 to 40 mins

250g Dark Cooking Chocolate - i used cocao barry
200g milk - i used fresh milk
250g Whip Cream - whip until fluffy -

- Boil milk and pour it onto DCC, mix well, chill.
- Add chocolate mixture into whipped Whip Cream and stir well.
- Pour into a piping bag - ready to be used for fillings

45 mins later.. i was munching on these beauties .. ty ty ty Pak Sahak Pribadi for the wonderful recipes.. its super delicious and yep this recipe is indeed a keeper!!

Oh .. I also baked a batch of congo bars for hb.. (its been two weeks since he last told me that his office cookie jar is empty!).. these blondies are a big hit whenever i bake em.. this recipe even came out in this month's Jelita magazine.. pheeweett ... got to love em ey..

Hb on the other hand has been busy helping me out with the shop.. there are now 46 items on there... I will probably add all the "consumables" like Valrhona chocolate, coffee oil etc after I get back from my overseas trip... and you guys are going to be in for a VERY big surprise in the store soon.. watch out! hehe


wow wee...semua sedap ni..5 hari xbuka blog kak rima..rasa rindu gila..hmm resepi congo bars mas lum jumpa lagi dlm ur blog cos lum abis lihat2 lagi..ke mana trip kali ni kak?

erm bestnya kalo nanti kak tambah consumables... sbbnya i suka sgt bake famous amos chunk cookies,,include this time, dah 3x i baked,of course bcos my hb request for it.so i can buy coffee oil fm ur shop..
zarin said…
ish junior masterchef..terrer kan kanak kanak itu semua...terlopong ajek tiap kali tengok kanak kanak itu..when i was 12, satu benda kat kitchen pun i tak kenal hahaha... nanti buat la pear perfection tu..hihi
mrs plain-june said…
i remember reading someone status on fb on junior masterchef.. budak2 ni anak jin ke apa? sgt terer!!
uuu.. tangkap leleh tgk ini resepi! slrrpppppp...
Shasha said…
Masuk sini selalu buat i rasa nak p ketuk pintu rumah u Pn Rima..hihi..sedap tu!
Jun said…
waaa, nampak sedap itu soes jepang..i took a few days rest since sat tergolex demam, hahahha. so no play n bake til today. but b4 this weekend a lot to do, aiyooo...nway, sempatlah i g jalan2 kt kedai baru u tu rima, hehehe. so colorful..i think dah kurang demam i ni, hehehhe. all d best eh dear..nnti nk pergi holiday, sure lg byk brg masuk kan? heeeee...
Sizuka said…
I sempat tengok junior masterchef the 1st few episodes je. but man! they are talented lot! even i takleh nak come up with beautiful dishes like theirs.

cant wait to see what new items u have in ur store. :)
somuffins said…
I wanted to blog about the Jr MC finale too tapi mood merewang kesana kesini. I'll do it today insyaallah. The 1st n the last time I baked cream puff was when I was in my late teen. It was quite a disaster, hehe. Nanti you buat that Pear Perfection and make us drool, okay?
Mas said…
lapar lak bila masuk dapur kak rima ni.....
semuanya sedapp....
Anonymous said…
Rima, love to hear the updates about your new store. Can't wait for the chocolates to arrive.I am going to purchase them okay :) Lots of it too..so hope you are bringing back a huge stock :)

Ms V
Anonymous said…
Hi Rima,

Are you using a brownie cutter to cut the congo bars into identical sizes?

Ms V
Ain said…
assalamualaikum rima, i resipi choux tuh dapat agak brapa keping ye?
I loovveee Jr MC, but i miss last night, who's the winner? Compared to MC US, this kids is much more talented..
Rima said…
Dah 3 kali??!! akan ade ulang tayang lagi dan lagi dan lagi hehehe.. insyallah.. i rcvd lots of emails regarding baking stuff tu sebab my hb suggested i open up an online store.. if suruh bukak cafe ke.. bukak store ke.. akak kau lari cos nanti tak leh pergi jln jln hahahha

We are heading to Europe again :o)
Rima said…
Tell me abt it.. at 12yrs old i can still remember my mom baru ajar i masak nasi ayam.. mana ade chance nak do anything that got to do with baking.. sonia i will start young.. for now dia cuma boleh tolong tabur tabur.. more than that biar mak pikir dulu cos serak nye.. mintak ampun hahah

Pear perfection tu.. adeehhh nanti mak pi investigate ape kebenda gellan tu hahah
Rima said…
Ah ah.. macam tak percaya.. the young girl.. hmm siapa name dia.. only 9 yrs old and still shes in the last 4th position.. terer abis ..

Buat ah June.. the batter is pretty stable so dont worry abt it jatuh after u take it out of ur oven.. bila u ketuk ketuk ur choux..dalam kosong meaning menjadi lah choux u tu :o)
Rima said…
Harus ting tong dulu ok or else akak kau ni tak leh dengar bunyi ketukan mu heheh
Rima said…
Lahhh kesian nye.. i hope u are feeling much better after cuci mata kat my kedai runcit hahaha.. eh pi buat lah... sedap benda ni.. i wonder kat m'sia ade jual beard papa ni tak?? kat sg dah tak byk tempat jual ni.. dulu waktu hit u can find it everywhere..
Rima said…
Tunggu ok.. am trying to find out if they hv stock.. its a new item and yet dah tak de stock.. if ade i will definately bring it in..
Rima said…
Lepas malangak tengok the finale i was like.. geeeshh macam termotivate pulak tak pasal pasal nak bake itew pear perfection .. i thought to myself .. eh bagus betul budak budak ni.. choux dia tak kempes pulak tu after they took it out of the oven.. stable aje.. macam jeles pun ade cos they are so young and yet they got the right texture of choux.. I ni kalau masuk senior masterchef pun belum tentu can get that texture cos baking under pressure ni kan ade risky sikit hahaha
Rima said…
If blog walk waktu pagi ni nampak ape pun sedap hahaha.. nasib akak belum BW or else...
Rima said…
Ms V
Hehhe and come home with excess baggage again for sure hahaha..

Yes i am using brownie cutter to cut my congo bars
Rima said…
I get 15 pcs in total..
ninazsyafinaz said…
Salam Sis..Tht finale the pear perfection color is green..and it have 5 step of perfection!!..kunun2 nak cuba juga buat mcm tuh..tapi pegang senduk je i dah gigil..at the end jadi choux yg biasa jer..hahaha..boleh lah.. :) BTW..i copy ur Congo Bar receipe last day..Nak cuba buat weekend nih :) TY yah.
Rima said…
Isabella won.. shes telanted and so was Jack..
Anonymous said…
Hi Rima,

Does your store sell the brownie cutter that you are using? If yes, I would like to purchase one unit.

Ms V
Rima said…
Salam Nina
Boleh lah tu.. tak pasal pasal kita pun nak buat jugak kan.. heheh

Buat lah congo bars ni.. senang and sedap rasa dia.. gula tu kurang kan sikit if ur using milk chocolate chips
betol tu kak, i teringin nk quit job and buka cafe, tp mengenangkan xdpt nk jln2, ish xsanggup..

mmg dah buat 3x, & for coffee oil i subst. with nescafe, tp xpernah ambil gambar..nanti akan ambil mlm td pnya produk..hb bgn 3am teros sambar itu cookies..LOL.. i also tried others recipe & dunno when i hv time to share it in my empty blog
Rima said…
Ms V
Not for now but am open to suggestions.. maybe u can email me and let me know any other suggestions and i will see if i can bring it in yah.. tks!
Rima said…
I think semua wanita pun ade verangan nak ade cafe sendiri but kan its not as easy as it look.. my mom ade kedai makan dari i anak dara sampai lah anak dia dah masuk senje ni..hahaha.. she can never sit at home and do nothing plus rezki dia dah kat situ kan.. orang dah biasa ade duit sendiri ni lain :o)
Anonymous said…
Rima,Kaksal pun minat masterchef memang hebat Isabella n Jack n Rima your soes jepang look very temting you pun boleh masuk masterchef you ada bakat (that sun ksal di rumah masak malum sun family gathering}About your onlinestore Rima pls include blackforest paste(you selalu gunakan)thk you....
Emma said…
hope sis rima jual good quality vanilla cam madagascar tu ke..tempting to try one..and already saved this recipe..i pun x pernah missed tgk junior mc.
starving.. jilat monitor je la kak rima.. huhuh..
Ummi said…
Weeee wiiiittt Rima....waaah baru beberapa hari x jenguk....mcm dah missed sebulan lah! Waaaa tiiirguda akak tengok beard papa cream puff tuh..hahaha..nasib baik jauh..kalau x dah ketuk pintu dapur Rima dah...Bila la akak dapat buat nih...how lazy i am now...hehe
azLina z. said…
I spent 1 whole day in front of my laptop watching Junior Masterchef. Hehehe. Anyway kak, I have a question. Can I use 8x8 @ 9x9 pan for the congo bars recipe ? Takut pulak nanti silap estimate tak jadi congo bars tu. ;D
nice picture you have been putting up but my outcome is never as nice as yours.

Rima said…
Black forest paste tu ku beli di jakarta buk hehhe.. my stock pun hampir habis.. we are trying to talk to the indon office if they can help us to bring it in.. if not terpaksa lah i hv to wait till i go to Jkt again..
Rima said…
ty for ur suggestion... will keep that in mind.. tks!
Rima said…
Hehhe pagi pagi ni macam terasa nak makan lontong pulak hahah
Rima said…
Alamak kadang tu bila vitamin M tu melanda memang susah nak try to persuade badan kita nak bake something..

Next time i bake it .. KUmmi ketuk ok.. nanti Rima bukak pintu hehe
Rima said…
if u use 8x8 nanti bars nye jadi tebal pulak.. i used laminton pan.. hmm lupa pulak size nye.. u are better off using 10 x 10 i guess.. or if u dont hv try using 9x9
Rima said…
I am pretty sure the taste is just as delish.. :o)
morning kak..mlm td x bake ke? same with me..ptg semalam ikut hb main vollevball outside, then pegi pasar mlm..pas mkn & mandi..huh..penat seh.. cancel mau bikin donut..this evening maybe..LOL

hmm..macamana rupa brownie cutter erk? LOL
Naz said…
Salam kenal Rima..
Wow! Ni rupanya blog yg terkenal tu... Very impressive!!! Every persentation sungguh menggiurkan.. Can we be friends?? Naz follow Rima & link yr blog ke blog Naz yer.. Tq.. Really glad found u and your blog here..
Nur68 said…
Waaaaaaaa...your pear perfection is nearly there...nice lah...i like!!!...
Anonymous said…
Halo Rima,

Just wondering with Mas Mummy Nuqman, what does a brownie cutter looks like. If you get a chance to show it to us, will be much appreciated.

Aishamirafiq said…
Hi Rima
Already tried your Congo Bars... Sedap gila... Thanks for the delicious recipe
RIma, alamak... ni kena try. Wondering asal-usul nama Congo ... macamana boleh jadi nama congo bar ya? Mesti cuba eh? heheh akan try. Tapi yg bahaya try -try ni, nanti terus melekat nak buat selalu...psssttt just bake the SOC (again!) Apa boleh buat sebab memang sedap kan?
haha omg u know what? I want to make the Pear Perfection too but I haven't found pectin as well. I'm probably going to sub it with something else. Have lotsa pears at home !!

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