Wordless Tuesday?? :oP

A quick one as i hv to finish up with my baking.. oh and wink wink.. i got my first 'overseas' orders.... I am pretty excited abt it and hv been busy baking macarons shells since last night.. this morning i managed to bake two types of layer cakes.. this one and also mini lapis legit which is still in the oven right now baking away.. ty ladies for the orders..

Tonight i will bake something for my Concorde kaki's.. well err if i hv the time that is.. its been 2 months since i last got to go anywhere and this much needed rest is something that i hv been looking forward to since last week!

So ok.. heres the recipe to this cocoa cheese layered cake.. as u guys know, i am a sucker for moist layered cake.. the cake has to be super super soft and i will eat lots.. this cake however is a little dry for my liking.. the cream cheese and chocolate however did bring out the taste of this cake.. if ur into Chocolate Sarawak layer cake.. i wud highly recommend this cake instead cos its much more moist... nevertheless ty Kak Wan for sharing this recipe to us..

200g butter
150g cream cheese
130g sugar
14 egg yolk
5 tbsp condense milk

130g sugar
7 egg white
1/4 tsp cream of tartar

180g Hong Kong flour
1 tsp baking powder

Cocoa Paste (2 tbsp cocoa powder + 3 tbsp hot water + 1 tsp chocolate emulco)
Few drops of yellow colour

Preheat oven 180C for 15mins.. greased 8x8 pan
Whisk butter, cream cheese and sugar till light and fluffy
Add in egg yolks one at a time and continue to whisk till well combined
Add in sifted flour
In another bowl.. whisk egg white with cream of tartar till foamy.. gradually add in sugar bit by bit till soft peak
Add in egg white mixture into egg yolk mixture and mix till combined.
Weigh ur batter... i did 18 layers for this cake... which means 12 layers of yellow batter.. 6 layers of cocoa batter.. (think each layer is abt +-70g)
Bake using upper grill.. bake last layer using upper and lower fire for 10mins

Ok i got to go now.. cant stay long.. i hv one load of ironing to do.. i hv to finish up my bakes and i hv to pack our luggage.. see u guys in KL!

Step by step photos u can go to her site..


Anonymous said...

i think you're amazing. talented really. very inspiring Kak Rima! :)

somuffins said...

RIMA = Rima Indeed Marvellously Awesome!
*semuyik bawah cushion nak nangishh*

3E said...

Hi Kak Rima,
Bila nak turun KL? Kalau sempat boleh lah jumpa...:-)
psttt..ur layer cake sangat cantik! Ntah bila la I baked this layer cake ni.....tunggu seru kuts!

Anie said...


Waaahhh seronoknya nak pegi cuti2 Msia, nak ikut arh...hehehez ;)

Si Cik Som tu mcm2 aja dgn abbreviations dia. Tapi I totally agree lah with her!!! Weeeiiiii

Yat Maria said...

ya rabbi!!! punyala jambu babe kek nih...memangla champion u ni, whats with the packing, ironing baking, kemas, tsk3x..memangla confirm u ada OCD..coba bagitaw, tonic apa u makan bule wat sumer menda2 ni..ishish.. fantastic babe!! u deserve the break in kl la...happy trip!! :)

noir said...

i'm wordless, almost :}

Chik Mimi said...

cantiknyaaaaa cake tu tak tahu nak kata apa dah ermmm

imang said...

suka sangat tengok!! cantik, kemas, berseni dan sudah semestinya sedap.

K.Nor said...

wahhh... wahhhhhhhhh...... wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......... speechless!! :)

Anonymous said...

Super Duper Woman....I baca pun I dah rasa letih my dear Rima....I want the same tonic pls...patut la Cik Abang ckp "you're not tired huh???"...
Ok..I'll see you in Concorde..x sabar nk rasa ur Macarons...hv a safe journey Sis...~ Aishah.

Anonymous said...

Wordless mende nya, 2 kek dah jadi. Nampak sedap dan cantik terletak, jejari itu memang berseni.

Jeles Ai tau, dah dapat international order lagi. Bravo! to you Sifu.

Niat di hati nak anta email, nak beritahu Ai yg perasan nak jumpa tp Allah lebih tahu apa yg baik utk umatnya.

Made an accident at 5.40 pm today - a m-cyclist hit my front right tire and bumper. ZZZZZZZZZZ he hit the road. The bumper zig zag and front tire punctured. Alhamdulillah, Ai selamat albite the shock.


p/s: like the indonesian back ground song.

Sizuka said...


that's one gorgeous looking cake! really salute you for ur patience melapis kek lapis tu :)

Nurul Wahab said...

like always, sangat chantek dan menyelerakan.
Kak Rima, i adore sangat2 yr baking skill.. :)

DG said...

What elegant layered cake!

zarin said...

argghhh lagi tergoda ngan layer cake ni..nxt wk kena buat ;-). u know lah i pulak am a sucker when it comes to layer cake ehehe :D
btw, semalam i tried your mango cream cheese layer cake's recipe tapi masih lupa nak taste it sebab dah malam siap..
btw, enjoy your trip and have safe journey okay!

Aishamirafiq said...

sungguh cantik skali...
tergoda melihat nye.....

Rima said...

Ty .. tak de lah talented sangat.. i still hv a long way to perfecting it..

Cik SOm
U always sembunyi when i come to KL one.. bila lah agaknye nak bertemu ... SOM = Sure Orangnye Manis hehehe

Am in KL.. will be here till weekend.. cuba lah buat layer cake.. belum cuba belum tahu.. once u get use to it u will definately be able to master it..

Mai ah.. eh that earthquack is no where ur place right?? i dont even know where ur at and when i heard the news the first person i think of was one of my relative.. then u .. :o)

Rima said...

Ya rabbi!! i thought u said i jambu rupe nye kek ku yg jambu ahahahha.. ferasannnn.. yes thats what i wanna do.. chill and watch telly for a change.. dah lama benar jadi maid time to be boss lah hahaha

U wordless?? heheh i know for sure that i cannot even do any wordless entry.. mesti nak selit one or two words :o)

Chik Mimi
Awww ty ty..

Rupe ye ler.. tastewise.. its a little dry for my liking.. i prefer the moist type of layer cake..

You alright?? still thinking abt that penyamun tarbus ke?? did they write an apology letter?

Rima said...

I will share with u what tonic i makan ok hahaha.. ok see u soon.. if only kat room ade fridge besar.... if only....

SOrry to hear that.. hope ur alright.. still in shock tak?? maybe kita tak de jodoh lah nak berlaga laga pipi hehehe..

Ty.. its not really that difficult.. important a gd digital weighing scale to get an even layer..

Ty.. am pretty sure u bake well too..

Rima said...

Yes it is.. looks nice ey

Yes i know u memang antu kek lapis hehehe.. so how?? dah rasa belum kek nye?

Tergoda? pi buat hehe

cik cek said...

Jatuh cinta lagi tengok kek Rima.....

bubble and squeak said...

Beautiful photography, gorgeous cake! Looks like a cake that would take great patience.The layers are perfect.
And...hope you enjoy your trip to KL.

zarin said...

olla...dah sampai kl ka???
ehehe i dah rasa dah mango cream cheese layer cake tu and i bg puan 3E rasa jugak and ada a few yg lain rasa jugak...every body cakap sedap babe!
owh, tadi jumpa asilah 3E for tea
anyway, thanks again for the recipe. next week i nk try ths one plak hihi

Rima said...

cik cek
Kira hati tengah berbunga bunga lah tu hehe

Bubble and squeak
Ty for ur compliments.. ur too kind.. i will surely do.. time to chill with my little one..

Dahhhh.. we got into KL at half past 12.. ni tengah relax relax kan badan.. bila dapat relax kan badan.. mula lah perut keronchong tak tentu pasal.. dah tu makan tak renti renti.. very baddddd hahahah.. glad u like it.. i dah lupa how it tasted like.. yes do gv this recipe a try.. i am pretty sure u will like it.. "o)

Hana said...

Hi Kak Rima,

If I use the coffee emulco instead of this chocolate emulco, will the taste be so off?


Rima said...

If u use coffee emulco of cos the taste will be diff.. ur cake will hv a taste of coffee.. :op

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