This and that and a photo thief!

Its finally OVERRRRRR... i managed to bake every single cookie there was to bake by Wednesday night.. u dont know how emo i got when i put the last piece of it in the container muahahha... tears in my eyes.. tears of aduhhhhhh penat bangat!!! hahahaha

Honestly.. it wasnt too bad.. its just that i hv not taken any big orders for the past 10 yrs and of cos when out of the blue i decided to start taking in big orders my body simply went kaput.. anyway now that the cookie marathon is over.. i am looking forward to bake cake lapis... :o)

So ok whats new with me.. err well hb was in Vietnam for a day on Thursday which meant i got the car for the day.. went out to "go go bambini" with Sonia first thing in the morning.. met sis Lyn in the afternoon (she took half day leave for me.. awwww).. had lunch.. went to the florist (yikes too crowded.. i couldnt even find any parking!).. met sis Wati for afternoon tea aka coffee of cos.. took both of them home and by the time i got home it was almost 9pm.. We had fun of cos.. all my tiredness and stress gone within one day lol

Today went by so so quickly.. i did what i was supposed to do in the morning.. got all things ready and right after friday prayer hb took us out for a quick detour to Sun Lik bef picking Sue and family for coffee and Indian dinner.. Finally auntie got to meet little Maddie! shes as cute as a button.. her smile.. her big round eyes.. ohhhh that half mat salleh girl is going to grow up to be a mighty fine woman heheh.. heres a few pics of today..

Sonia and kakak Iman..

When the guys meet.. they do what they do best... hang out.. chill...

Meet the star for the evening.. Madina aka Maddie :o)

Enjoy ur weekend hols here guys.. ty for meeting us.. hv a safe flight back to Adelaide ok..

Oh bef i go.. just wanna share something which i just got to know a moment ago.. ty Rini for ur email.. I appreciate it a lot.. you see.. it is always heartbreaking when someone makes business out of our pics.. its good that ur making business "Amirah's Premium Tarts and Cookies" but its not good when ur stealing others' pics for ur business.. so bef i take further action (apart from informing FB about your copyright infringement - which I just did).. it is wise for u to take down the pics that belong to me.. fyi.. i dont do business via facebook so no fb acct is associated with Bisousatoi.. tks!


noir said…
good to know you had an enjoyable day. our blogger friend is not having it too good.

my original articles were stolen the last time, also posted on fb. a cheapskate claimed he wrote them. it's really sickening no matter if your picture/article is great or not.

have a great weekend.
Madam Sooyaree said…
That's bad! Poor customers...
syieranuar said…
sis rima, is that Madina kak sue's daughter? so cute lah! :)

that's really bad. dont they think what they'll get by running a business but with cheating people? aiyo.people nowadays...hehe.
Rima said…
Tell me abt it Noir but what to do kan.. no point talking.. u hv to take action baru they takut sikit..

I know but i am pretty sure she will go thru it dgn tabahnye..

Hv a good weekend!
Rima said…
I pity them too..
eLiza said…
oh teruknya! dah mcm trend pulak curi mencuri ni. Smpikan magazine pon mencuri juga... ish!
Rima said…
Yep.. thats Sue's daughter.. shes a cutiepie! anak aje hehe

Nothing new actually.. but thats ok.. what goes around comes around.. eh betul ke ayat ku ini hahaha
Rima said…
Trend tak sihat ni memang dah lama menular.. maleng photo nama nya
Muna said…
Just to share...
My aunty posted some old family photos on facebook. Later, she found out ada orang "curi" those photos and claimed them as their ancestors... bila tanya, they reacted really bad... haiyah, it takes all sort to make a world.
Maya Marisa said…
1) aaawwwhhhhh, isnt she cute?.....maddie of course...hahahha
2) omg! liar liar, pants on fire! amiiiinnn, berkat duit bisnes dia yea....

3) itu valrhona i sudah borong at Tott during my last trip....and i manage to get my lady boss to go shopping there too! lol!
raffles hospital...hhmmm the cafeteria is where i normally get my quick 'halal' lunch....
lobby Parkview tu cantek bangat kan!
Anie said…

Congrats dpt siapkan all ur orders dgn jayanya ;) Nak kena take a break kejap pegi spa urut satu badan...ahaksss ;)

I hairan arh dgn orang yg suka mencuri photo ni semua. Dah kata dah jgn copy photos pun dorang degil tak paham bahasa. Yg I heran tu, u punya content kan private property, pun dorang boleh find a way to curi....haiiisssh

Anyway, happy weekend babe....enjoy ;)
Mat Gebu said…
Selamat pagi yang dingin dan lembap untuk rima n family...erkk lembap tu sebab hujan yeaa..bukan mat gebu "ngompol" atas tilammm...hahaha...Nice N3..i likee!!!!
anie,Nagoya said…
hai kak jelah kk Rima.manusia yg tak bermoral.

resepi yg copy dari kk Rima pun lom cuba lagi.bak masa sikit....ahakkkk
lemongrass said…
Well done girl with the order! I'm so impressed and in awe with people yang boleh ambil big orders for cookies and cakes ni :-).
Maddie is so cute, Mat Saleh habis!
Aishamirafiq said…
OMG! tak bermoral org tu yg ambik ur photo...
I went to that fellow nye fb and i saw ur marmer cake pic pun ada...
Do something Rima....We support u...
perlu ke guna gambar orang untuk bisnes sendiri?
kesiannnnn.. xde modal la tu nak glemerkan kuih sendiri..
dottology said…
OMG! teruknya! these people don't know how hard it is to get just 'the' shot for an entry. i feel for you rima.

out of curiousity i went to her page, and she had the nerve to use a photo of your marmer cake as her profile picture. berani sungguhhhhh...

just makes you wonder how some people can sleep at night, huh?
don worry wa. they just dont have a good photography skill like u do.
izahdaut said…
wah tumpang lega dengar bila cookies order dah siap ye kak rima..hehe..chomelnya dak madina ni..nama pun se sweet mukanya..

kak rima..kes cilok gambar ni memang tak sudah sudah..kadang2 bijak pulak kan nak crop n padam watermark tu..
Anonymous said…
Aiyoiiiiiiiii......ugly ppl in this world,steal foto for her business world,mother father never teach, dun steal "something" beyond ur reach!! Call 911 and catch her arr!! U Hv my support.. If "you" are reading tis, Tq you for making my sista more F-A-M-O-U-S!! LiLin..
zarin said…
hi rima!
sudah di tangkap belum pencuri itu?? hihi
btw, i dah try lapis hawflakes orange tu...i like it! lagi sedap dari the first one dulu :D
mariah said…
hi rima,
yeah i understand how you feel, coz ada sekali someone stole my handmade choc pics from my blog, and claimed to be hers.. bila I send her email, dia kata she got the pics from her customer who wanted her to do the same chocs. For heaven's sake, why lah she cannot post her own pics..

Move to something nice.. I dah try Sicilian Orange Cake and it turned out marbeles.. Thanks Rima..
hana said…
teruk kan diorg NIH... klu dah bisnes dgn cara gtu dah tentu menipu pelanggan... biler la diorg ni nk ade kesedaran eh..... g suh Sonia tipon ambulan... kekekeke
sabar je la Rima.... nak buat mcm mana kan manusia ni....
btw ita dah buat CBBS.. esok baru masuk kan pic... my hubby suka sangat... thanks for sharing...
cute lah Madina... n Sonia to!...
mokwonik said…
well doooneeee rima....u got another 11 months to warm up for the next order..hihihi..ingatkan nak gi holidys tapi terus nak bake kek lapis...where u got all those enegry ehh rima..errr apa rahsia..can share or not??
give some muah2 to maddie n sonia...suma kiut!!
mcm mane bz if starting dah menipu org dgn mencuri gambo org lain!! ish3x bad, very2 bad
Rima said…
Salam and ty to everyone for ur comments..

Its better not to hv direct contact with this sort of ppl.. they are not worth it and they will just make u want to keep on writing to them and u will never get anything out of it :o)

Yes she is .. shes good at screaming too hahha

I teringat itew lobby makan.. ade ke my hb kata i pilih this hospital for u cos the char kway teow sedap so when u kat delivery room i can go down and hv a plate of it... ade ade aje! then u know what happened? on the D day he tak leh masuk cos i kena emergency C sect :op
Rima said…
Pi spa?? muahahah dah lama tak buat kerja ni.. the last time instead of spa i pi ambik thai massage.. ahhh padan muka.. lepas tu i demam kahkahkah

Yes some ppl like that one mahhh.. no guilty one.. main bedal aje

Cik Mat
Muahahha if ngompol habis satu tilam dunlopillo dibuatnye hahaha

Jgn tunggu lama lama.. nanti tak terbuat haha

Yes she is.. mama dia kata maybe not wise to meet for dinner.. so we pushed it forward to coffee cos maddie will usually start screaming at 7pm when shes outside hahaha.. nasib on that day she tak sangat menjerit.. but yeah.. tepat 7pm she dah start her drama mama hahahah.. we ended our day with a nice dinner and sent them back to their hotel.. was nice to see the whole family :o)
Rima said…
Yep .. apakah itew dinama kan not "stealing" hmmm

Unfortunately the quickest way to get business in FB is when u can show ppl a nice pic..

To get "the shot" is not easy.. on a good day u can get it done nicely.. on a busy day u will ended up having to take pic bila theres not much light and i use natural light to get good pics.. u need to spend a lill money for ur props and u need to invest in a good camera.. tu sebab its a heartbreaking to see others making use of our own titik peluh to make business.. :o(

Wawa too busy to worry abt this kinda thing..

Memang cute mute dah Madina tu hehe.. eh part crop mengcrop ni bukan nye kerja susah.. just click and crop and then load it.. BUT after that sure u akan rasa bersalah kan for ur own wrong doing especially bila u mula terima order fm outside ppl.. "o(
Rima said…
Pantun nampak! kahkahkah susah nak reply in english lah.. kita kan orang lama.. hehe

You dah buat ke?? woahh ty for trying.. Yes memang lagi sedap si hawflakes orange tu.. tmrw i hv to bake 3 of those..

Sickening kan? no point arguing.. they are other ways to handle it instead of having to reason with this kinda ppl.. ty for trying SOC. high five to my fav cake hehehe
Rima said…
Muahahah.. ni no ni no ni noooo.. cuba teka bunyi ape tu? Biasa lah kan.. these ppl "mewarna" kan industry cyberworld kita.. tanpa mereka siapa lah kita ahakss

CBB tu memang lembut dah sedap.. glad ur hb suka bangat.. i also like it hehe

Where i got my energy?? heheh ni pun kira dah mula nak pumpcit .. actually kan i jenis tak reti duduk diam.. the only time i duk diam and watch something will be kat aeroplane.. kat kereta and kat wayang hehehe
Relek je org tu ... ur hard work dia curik ... even so its photos ... not all ppl take good photos tau ... I inspired by u thou i dun have good camera i try my best to give wat i have ah ...

ish org2 camnie ... jotos kan
AzLiN said…
Kak Rima, I think eh, that person yg curi gambar u is feeling insecure & not confident of their own products. I saw that alot on FB. In fact, I know of 1 FBian that uses picts from the web to promote her brownies. But when I asked her of the originality of that pict, she totally ignored me!!! Halal ke, orders yg dia dpt? Wallahualam, walaupun ni dah kira kes menipu...
Nuridah said…
Salam Rima,

this kind of people nak kena tembak ngan senapang gajahhh...kasik bom sama dia...hehe...fb pun ada maling?One thing pity to her poor customers...kena kencing hidup2.
Anonymous said…
Halo Rima,

Bad story on the photo thief. But thumbs up to you for telling us who she is. This is a great lesson for this type of thieves..who do not spare a feeling or respect for others. I hope the rest who are in your the same and publish the names of these photo thieves..only then such activity by the incorrigible people will come to an end.

Take Care.

Rima said…
If kita iklas sure ape yg kita buat akan menjadi.. walaupun u tak de camera yg canggih.. when it comes to making business.. tak baik menipu.. ape yg kita dapat kan rasanye macam tak halal aje..
Rima said…
Salam Nur
maling memang dimana mana.. ade yg malu ade yg do it terang terang.. nasib ade orang yg bagi tahu if not sampai sekarang pun gambar gambar i masih kat fb dia. haizz
Rima said…
Am only doing it cos i am that sort of person.. i dont like talks.. i like action so if something like this happen to me.. i wud try to solve it asap.. to let others know how to handle it is the best way to stop photo thieves :o)
Anonymous said…
Halo Rima,

Thumbs up to you. The person is now shy or maybe feeling shame over their act. The name of her FB page has changed..its now called something like premium butter tarts or something like that.


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