Steamed Brownies Layer Cake

Why on earth do i get so busy nowadays that by the end of the day i dont even hv the time nor energy to go online let alone visit my fellow bloggers and leaving footprints.. sorry again peeps.. it has been a few days.. I know.. unlike before Eid.. i usually will try to update my blog every single day :o(

To tell u the truth.. i think i am so worn out with all the stuff thats going on right now that it drains my energy easily... thank goodness Sonia always keep me sane.. errrr besides my baking of cos hehehe..

Hairi finally went back to camp today.. thank goodness.. today marks the end of me having to cook earlier than usual.. marks the end of us eating rice every day.. marks the end of me having to worry each time hes out somewhere with his friends till late... dont get me wrong yah.. i am not saying that by him going back to camp hes in a safe place.. thats not true at all.. dont be surprised what our kids might pick up while doing NS..

Anyway last Sunday was sis Lyns birthday.. shes 33 aka looks like a 17yrs old girl hehehe.. yesterday was moms bday.. Happy bday mom!.. I got both of them perfume and at the same time had to place Sonia under her care cos we had to attend the yearly German Unity Day.. this year it was held in one of the building in Shenton Way.. 65th floor.. tip top view of the whole Singapore.. why we get invited?.. i dont know.. my hb is Austrian .. not German muahahha

Today has been one long day.. hb had some seminar going on and got home late.. Sonia on the other hand has been giving me a hard time.. whats new ey.. when papa's not around.. shes always like that..

A few hours ago while i was doing ironing.. she accidentally touched the hot iron and started to cry so loudly that my heart bled.. her tiny little fingers were slightly burnt and i cud imagine how painful it must hv been.. u know Sonia.. shes a tough cookie.. she gets scratched.. she gets bitten by my cat, when she tripped and fell down.. she doesnt cry.. today she cried her heart out and it hurt me.. she only stopped crying after I gave her milk (I had to be by her side while she finished her milk cos she kept on moving her fingers wanting me to blow it.. awww poor girl)

Ok ok i better stop blaberring.. this is what I managed to bake this afternoon.. had wanted to try out this recipe bef Ramadhan but never got to it.. so so glad that I decided to do it today cos it turns out very good.. I love the richness of this cake and the texture too.... eat it while its warm or heat it up the next time u wanna hv it with ur cup of cuppa.. or if ur too lazy.. just slice em and eat em cos this cake stays soft even when its not warm.. wonderful recipe fm Mamagaby..

10 eggs
300g sugar
1 tbsp emulsifier
1/2 tsp salt

160g cake flour
10g corn flour
10g milk powder
50g cocoa powder (I used valrhona)

150g butter
50g oil (I used all butter)
100g dark cooking chocolate (I used 55% valrhona)
100g chocolate condensed milk (If u cant find it.. use normal condensed milk ok)
1 tbsp rum (I used black forest paste)

Chocolate rice

-Double boil dark cooking chocolate.. once melted, add butter and continue to stir.. add chocolate condensed milk and black forest paste.. set it aside
-Whisk eggs and sugar till fluffy
-Add in salt and emulsifier and continue to beat till thicken (like boulu batter)
-Sieve flour, milk powder and corn flour and add to A.. mix it throughly bef adding sifted cocoa powder. (this is to enhance the aroma of ur cocoa powder)
- Once mix add in melted chocolate mixture and continue to whisk at low speed till well combined.
- Divide batter into 2 or 3 equal part
- Pour into ur desire mold or a 22x22 cake tin half of ur batter and steam on medium fire for 10mins.
- Pour a handful of chocolate rice and top it with the rest of ur batter.
- Steam it for a further 30mins and voila.. u got a delicious steamed brownies layer cake hehehe

Note: I used a bundt pan and two loaf pans..

Oh bef I go...

Pretty?? oh how i love fresh flowers .. not easy to get flowers and such fm my super duper hb tho.. err unless he knows hes been a pain for the past couple of days.. tsk tsk


Ju'eta said…
That looks sinfully delicious! I love it!
Ribbon Clown said…
Salam Rima, u shuv have ur own bakery lah he he btw, wud u mind sharing where did u bought all the cooking stuff and ingredients in SG? the best store for u? I know most of the stuff u get it from ur trip, i meant for the local stuff..tq
this cake looks so moist and delicious.
Yat Maria said…

happy bday to yr mom & sis..october pun my mom's bday though belum lagi...

kesian si Sonia...i'm sure it hurts like helll coz ai yg tua kerepot (muahahah) pun tak sanggup kalo tangan kena scalded ny that hot iron..apa lagi budak cinonet nyer tangan yg halus mulus tu kan...

nak tanya sket.. the receipe tu u dapat 2 loaf & 1 bundt izit? banyak kiranya bule ai half it coz ai just want 1 loaf pan..betul ka?
BEAUTY said…
my poor sonia...its ok time don't go near the iron k..n to mum..don't do your ironing when she's around.
Rima said…
Hi Ju'eta
Beautiful name u got there! Yes it is and best of all it doesnt take a lot of effort to do it hehehe
Rima said…
Hi Ribbon
My bundt pan is fm Nordic Ware.. u can get it fm Chong Trading Aldephi.. most of my baking ingredients i got it fm Sun Lik.. butter i got fm just abt anywhere.. if i am in phoon huat for whatever reason.. i will get my butter fm them.. if i am in JB.. i will get Anchor brand fm their bakery supply shop cos its cheaper.. if i go to NTUC.. i get my typical president or Lurpak brand.. once a week i will buy 3 cans of my typical golden churn butter fm SS.. Valrhona products i get it fm Shermay at holland V cos they hv a wider range of it..
Rima said…
Yes it is Jess.. eat it while its warm... woweeeee so so moist and soft..
Rima said…
Ty.. i will sampai kan kepada meka meka hehe

Memang kesian lah tengok dia semalam.. dah ku pesan.. dont touch it cos its hot.. i even let her touch seluar yg i baru iron just to let her understand that its dangerous to touch it.. tak tahu macam mana.. waktu i hang baju kat hanger.. aleh aleh tangan dia boleh meraba pulak benda tu.. padahal i was right infront of her and my ironing board i purposely push it tinggi.. haizz anak anak.. ade ade aje..

Yes recipe tu i get 1 bundt pan and 2 small loaf pans.. u know the loaf pan yg u can get kat daiso.. haaaa kecik aje loaf pan yg i gunakan but yes.. if u nak i loaf pan.. cukup lah if u buat half adonan.. :o)
Rima said…
Haizz Beauty.. bila lagi nak buat ironing ni kalau tak malam hari.. siang siang tak leh buat ni semua tau.. ironing = panas even with aircon on = menjadi kan darah ku up up up hahahaha
3E said…
Hi Kak Rima...
Ala...ciannyer Sonia...nakal jugak yer dia...

Btw, I nak cuba jugak this recipe.. Tapi nak buat 1/2 adunan jer dulu...tq kak Rim for sharing the recipe..:-))
Rima said…
Shes a super curious kind.. budak lain kalau gi airport sibuk lari lari and main main.. si budak sonia ni sibuk look up kat ceiling and down on the floor.. perhati kan buildings and kira barapa lebar agaknye floor kat airport tu hahaha

Cuba lah 3E.. let me know how it turn out yah.. :o)
LS said…
Biasa lah budak2. kalau tak kena, tak serik.

Anyway, telur size apa yg you gunakan for this recipe?
Thanks Rima,

This one will certainly be on my next-to-do list. Maklumlah kerja senang sikit, nampak pun mcm menggoda kalbu je.....

Kalaulah kat sini ada jual blackforest paste tu kan bagus.....

Yang Selalu Tergoda Dgn Kek2 Rima,
Melatie said…
Curiousity kills the cat. Sonia's curiosity burned her fingers. Budak-budak cam tu la. Anak I dulu lagi kelakar dia nak rasa api pada lilin. End result burned fingers + lilin padam. Then he understood and stoped experimenting on fire. But never stop experiment on other thing until today but now he experiment on food. End result...gemuklah badan.
Rima said…
Ah ah memang betul pun.. dah dinamakan budak.. kalau yg kena si tua kerepot.. tak yah mintak kesian suah hahaha

Anyway size telur A.. abt 57g each..
Rima said…
LOL Melati.. experiment with food boleh mengemuk kan badan eh?? hehe
Rima said…
Cuba lah.. tak susah mana pun.. besides steam cakes usually will produce cake yg moist and soft..

Unfortunately kat sg pun tak jual si black forest paste.. same goes with chocolate condense milk.. kat m'sia jual tak? i ingat kan the next time i go to jakarta.. i nak beli berkotak kotak lah.. boleh buat business hahaha
it looks awesome kak rima!!! yum yum!!!

kalau my mom kene sereka panas slalunye tarok colgate ... cian dia ...
Ye lah Rima, kalau you dah ada stok blackforest paste tu jgn lupa bg tau I ye, kot2 boleh jadi ejen you kat KL pulak hahaha...

Kat sini mmg confirm takde.
Rima said…
Jgn nak cakap ur mom letak colgate.. my hb yg omputih tu pandai capai colgate without me telling him to do so muahahha..

Try buat lah Ilah.. senang kok :o)
Rima said…
Murni u ni ade ade aje.. how abt u jadi direct buyer.. lagi untung kannn hehehe
Anonymous said…
Remember...DUN PUT COLGATE PASTE on the scalded area ok!! :) Wow-- THUMBS UP to my bil for waking up from his longest sleep... hehehe.. its been quite a while he last bought u flowers!! Kdi bunga @ thomson has been calling him up! hehe... Glad Sonia is all "ok".."OK".. (her favurite wrd)
Rima said…
Alah what to do.. the first thing he did was to apply tu colgate..

Lucky wake up or else no flower.. ur lau kong wake up aleady?? muahahha
mavis said…
can i use plain flour instead of cake flour?
mavis said…
hi can i use plain flour instead of cake flour?
Rima said…
yes u can mavis tho u might get different texture out of it..
jo said…
for rum,can i use rum paste?
Rima said…
Yes u can jo.. just remember not to use too much.. 1/2 tsp perhaps?
jo said…
hi rima,i tried the cake last was nice!but the bottom part,about 2cm high,frm the bottom frm the end,was very dense,what could be the problem?but the top part was very soft
Rima said…
Hi Jo
Either overmixing batter or u steam it using high fire.. u shud steamed it using med/high fire
hawa said…
Salaaam... Hi Rima! I just saw ur blog recently... I love it soo much! All ur recipes looks REALLY good and I just love the way you SERVE it! Way to go gal!
Rima said…
Hehe ty Hawa and welcome to my humble blog.. hope ur here to stay!
hawa said…
Definately! Got to learn a lot from ya'! :) See you around!
hawa said…
Salaam K.Rima! I did tiz cake today and condensed milk pound cake too ...both was delish!!! Everyone love it! Grandma love the pound cake and my 3 kids just loveee the brownies!! Love ya for sharing...! Bless you! and oh!. ..I just finish doing kuih lapis for tmrw breakfast..tats from u too! :)
Rima said…
LOL Hawa! ur on the roll ey.. good to know semua menjadi and semua menjadi pujaan hati masing masing hehehe

Well done dear!
hawa said…
Hehehee...Thanx to ya' and next will be sicilian orange cake and many more I hope! ;)
tun_telani said…
Landed here from CMG page ^^
drooling again over the cakes =)
Rima said…
Tun telani
Ohhh patut lah basah kat sini hahaha.. tolong lap kan air liuq mu itew hehe

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