Lapis Legit Economical

A super quick entry bef my wkend gateaway starts.. I baked this layer cake last night since i had to finish up a tray of eggs.. dont ask me which is the economic part abt this recipe cos I dont even know lol.. it uses 24 egg yolks and uses 500 odd grams of butter.. so really.. is this what u call lapis legit "economical" Pak Hadi Tuwendi?? hahahah

Anyway remember the lapis legit recipe that I hv which uses 800g of butter and 60 egg yolks?? well that recipe belongs to Pak Hadi too and bec this ones uses lesser (according to him yah) ingredients.. it is therefore called Lapis Legit Economis.. this cake itself is moist and not too oily, the sweetness is just right.. perfect!

75g caster sugar
175g margarine (cold)
300g Butter (cold) - I use Orchid brand
80g Hollman Butter (cold)
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp yellow colouring (gel type)- I added
20g sweetened condensed milk
(I used a mixture of golden churn and wjsman butter and omit margarine)

450g egg yolks
50g sugar

300g Caster Sugar
350g Egg whites

50g Milk Powder
140g Flour
20gr corn flour
4 tbsp Spekuk mix - (I used 3 tbsp)

Pan 21X21X7 cm - (I used 8x8)

Whisk B for 2 to 3 mins on high speed.. put aside.
In another bowl, whisk A for 12 mins on medium high speed. Once done add B into A a little at a time beating well with a low-speed. Once mixture B runs out, immediately off mixer.
Whisk ingredients C on medium speed until soft peak. Add to AB mixture.
Add in sifted ingredients D and stir well. (I used my mixer to mix it)
Bake it layer by layer (80g each layer.. 7mins) using upper fire (grill) at 175C..
Bake last layer using upper and lower fire for 10mins.

Okie.. got to run... got to get things done bef our flight.. hv a good weekend peeps and see u guys in Bangkok!

Source: Recipe abv has been modified by Elkaje

Oh bef i forgot.. below is the recipe of the original lapis legit economis by Pak Hadi..

Bahan A:
80 gr gula halus
500 gr Margarine (dingin)
85 gr Hollman butter (dingin)
1/2 sdt Toffieco vanila flv
1/4 sdt Toffieco egg yellow fc
20 gr susu manis

Bahan B :
450 gr kuning telur ) Kocok 2 - 3 menit dengan whisking
60 gr Gula halus ) (pengocok kawat)

Bahan C :
330 gr gula pasir
400 gr Putih telur
2 gr cream of tar-tar

Bahan D :
60 gr susu bubuk full cream
170 gr Terigu
4 gr Bumbu spekkoek

1 Loyang persegi 22 x 22 cm, tinggi 8 cm.
Dipoles mentega dialasi kertas, dipoles mentega lagi.

Cara membuat :
1. A dikocok 12 menit dengan medium speed, masukkan B, kocok dengan low speed hingga kaku (12 menit), Begitu B habis segera berhenti.
2. C dikocok dengan medium speed hingga kaku (kira kira 12 menit)
campurkan dengan A dan B.
3. Masukkan D yang diayak jadi satu, aduk rata.
4. Panggang selapis demi selapis @ 85 gr, dengan api atas sampai adonan habis (25 lapis).


somuffins said…
tatatititutu Rima n have fun.
Yat Maria said…

si sonia cium ke gigit tu kek cute..

ni lapis konfirm tak buat..punya lah banyak tulur..tak leh angsss arr..

anyways...have a gd trip, enjoyable trip..wild trip..muehehehe...

have a safe journey!!! adios!
linda said…
have a nice holiday cik akak...
KG said…
oh rima...the lapis temptress! hv a brilliant time in bangkok!
Serena said…
Hi, its raining quite often in bkk, pls bring along an umbrella. Have fun in bkk....i m staying in bkk need me

By the way, how long can this lapis be kept.... and how to get the spices, spekuk mix.

Salute you for baking almost every day!
the kuih lapis is so nicely baked, so each layer looks so equal!
3E said…
Hi kak Rima...
I should call u kak rima lapis la...sbb musababnya..u selalu bikin kek lapis yang hebat!!! tabik spring kat u la...

and for sure, this lapis cake I takkan buat punya..hihihihihi....

Btw, have a good holiday....:-))
zarin said…
24 eggs yolks??adussss tk silap kira ke babe!
ehehe kalau i dah brapa kali kena ulang kira hahaha
anyway have a fun holiday yeah!
zarin said…
24 eggs yolks??adussss tk silap kira ke babe!
ehehe kalau i dah brapa kali kena ulang kira hahaha
anyway have a fun holiday yeah!
melisa said…
rima... nk sangat cuba buat kek kira kira telurnya dgn butternya...buatnya tak jadi.. naya!!!
ijayuji said…
pok kak zarin!** wakakakaka..... nak kita tolong kirakan ke kak? :D

Kak rimaaaaa!!!! jgn jalan2 kat luar ok, sbb hari nak hujannnnnnn! hihihi
Rima said…
Ty ty.. tmrw the wild time habis when my sis balik sg :o(
Rima said…
Si sonia asyik cium aje kek tu.. she suka membau kek kek ku :o)

Ty and definately will.. maklum when sisters berkumpul.. wild nye lain tau.. besok habis lah wild time ku disini heheh
Rima said…
Ty Linda.. when it comes to bkk "nice" nye akan datang dgn sendirinye hehe
Rima said…
Hehe ty KG.. tu sebab tak sempat nak mengupdate blog ku ini :o)
Rima said…
Hi Serene and thank u.. its been raining here non stop alright but we managed to go to JJ market this morning and get our shopping list down to 50%

Lapis cake can be kept for a while if u know how to wrap it properly.. i will usually wrap it using clingwrap and place it in my chiller.. if u wanna keep it for a few months u may do so by keeping it in ur freezer.

Lapis spekuk can be found in any bakery supply shop in sg, malaysia and indonesia.. i dont think u can find it in bkk but u can look for it when u go to ur nearest bakery supply shop.. i know i couldnt find it in one of ur bakery supply shop in siam sq :o(
Rima said…
Hi Jess
I am pretty sure u can do the same if u measure ur batter for every layer :o)
Rima said…
First time i heard of tabik spring was fm Yat Maria.. now u pulak yg kata.. buat i ketawa hehe

Buat lah.. 24 eggs is not as much as 36 eggs kan hehehe

Ty and will do :o)
Rima said…
Tak akan salah kira if u kira ur egg dolu and place it in a bowl.. if salah kira pun tak tahu apasal boleh jadi gitew hahaha

Ty dear.. fun fun fun here in Bkk!
Rima said…
Ijahhhhhh dah di warn suruh bawak baju hujan.. ku bawak lah.. tak terperasan ke Ijah.. wanita melayu terakhir tengah jalan pakai baju hujan warna kuning keramat dgn waterboot macam phua chu kang hahahahha
Rima said…
If ur in the mood to bake.. u try lah buat kek ni.. kadang tu nak bake cake lapis ni nak ade mood.. kalau tak de mood kek yg senang pun tak akan menjadi :op
Rima said…
If u buat sendiri lagi sedap tau :o)
Eena said… padat the cake tuhhh. nice. mesti sedap :). adore u la sis.
Rima said…
Rasanye sedap.. lemak berkrim.. macam susu cap junjung hahah.. tak lah j/k.. cuba buat ah.. memang menepati citarasa we all
Anonymous said…
Hi. I've tried baking this recipe today. I followed exactly the same ingredients and methods. However, my layer cake didn't turn out well. It wasn't as moist as I thought it would be and it was very sweet. May I know why is my layer cake not moist? Did I beat for too long or too short? Thanks! :)
Rima said…
can u kindly pls leave down ur name so that its easier for me to adrs u??

Whats moist to u?? oily?? cos this cake is not oily at all.. its a much more solid cake and to me its not sweet at all.. in fact i gave this cake as a prezzie to my friend in thailand and she loved it..

If u hv follow the recipe to the T it shouldnt be any probs.. beating of cold butter takes abt 12 to 15 mins on my KA mixture.. beating of eggs the batter shud be thick and looks like baulu batter.. when u mix both u can either use spatula or mixer using low speed..
Ling said…
Thank you so much for your comments :) I agree that the cake is not oily at all. Another question I'd like to ask. Hehe.. When you beat the cold butter, did you use the whisk or the K-beater? What about beating the eggs? Which tool do you use?

I really appreciate all your comments! :) Extremely love your website. Thanks for sharing the recipe!! :D
Rima said…
Hi Ling
No worries.. am happy to answer..

I used K beater with the rubber scraper to beat my cold butter and i used balloon whisk to whisk my eggs
Janice said…
instead of using hollman's butter and margerine can i subsitute all with golden churn butter?
Rima said…
Yes of cos.. u can use any good butter for this recipe
Jenni said…
hi Rima,

I so love your blog! I wanna ask u about baking the layer cake. When I baked the layer cake, for the first five layers I got a very nice n smooth surface but after that there was a lot of bubble popping out when i baked n usually the layer became so ugly coz it wouldn't be a perfect one line n that the bubble part would get burn more! What should I do to prevent it from happening? Thanks before ;)
Jenni said…
hi Rima,

I so love your blog! ;)

I want to ask you about baking the layer cake. When I bake it, for the first 5 layer, the surface was nice n smooth but after that there was bubble popping out on the surface when I baked it n I tried to pop it with the tooth pick but still the surface wouldn't look good coz the bubble part will get burn and from the side the layer wouldn't be one smooth line. What should I do to prevent it from happening? Should I whisk the batter again before I baked it? Thanks before! ;)
Rima said…
hi Jenni
usually i will stir my batter bef i weigh it for my layers.. sometimes i do encounter that probs.. do keep a look out and once u see bubbles.. poke it with ur cake tester..

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