Finally its over....

My oven is officially closed for the next few days.. ended my day by baking lapis moscovis again and guess what happened?? I forgot to add sunquick!! arghhhhh

Chocolate Marble cake recipe u can get it fm Yat Maria blog.. tks babe.. I loike!! Mocca steamed chocolate cake and Trio Marble Cake recipes u can get it fm my previous post..


BEAUTY said…
thanks a milllion for the wonderful cakes sis and the help...luv u
Rima said…
No worries sista!
Anonymous said…

salam eid mubarak to u and family. enjoy your raya!

hugs n kisses to your lil singer in the making ;o)
xoxo *yan*
Rima said…
Salamat Hari Raya to u and ur family too.. harus enjoy and jangan terlalu banyak makan lontong hehhe

Huggies to her already :o)

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