Imagine doing these in the middle of the night.. eeekkk it can be pretty monotonous and it makes u feel so so soooo tired... I couldnt sleep last night.. tks to a single shot of con panna! And when for some reason I had probs accessing blogspot.. I knew I had to do something.. reading a book will definitely make me sleepy but at the same time its good cos i need to finish up reading my long overdue book BUT nooooo Rima has to go to the kitchen and start baking.. smart move Rima :ox

Anyway I only went to bed after sahur and munching on this suji hehhe.. and yes of cos i can let u know the texture of this suji.. remember the bai suji?? yes this one tastes exactly like bai suji.. light, crunchy and hollow inside.. I likeeee.. so thank you kak fida of myresepi for sharing this recipe!

600-800g flour - sieve
500g powdered sugar / icing - sieve
500g ghee
1/2 tsp vanilli powder
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda - sieve
3 eggs yolks

Mix Sugar and ghee till well mixed.
Add egg yolks and mix again.. add the vanilli and b. soda and mix until well blended.
Add flour a little at a time.
Take a little dough and roll it into small balls.. place it on baking tray - I did what was recommended .. I used my measuring spoon (1/2 tsp) for every ball to get an even shape and size.
Bake at 150C for 10-12 min.
Let the cookies cool and keep in airtight container.

I decided to half this recipe simply cos it was too late when i started baking em plus u get lots out of this recipe since the size of each ball is 1/2 tsp :op

Oh bef I go.. besides suji.. I also managed to bake my almost famous amos cookies, vanilla cat's tongue for my sis and also pandan cats tongue for mom.. phewww.. almost done now :o)

Cat's tongue recipe u can get it fm my previous post except i used a tbsp of pandan paste instead of mocca paste.


LS said…
Berserinya suji you.
somuffins said…
You dah beraya ehh?? hehe.

Nak mintak biskut rasa malu, tapi boleh tak mintak pinjamkan semangat dan mood you itew??
Ain said…
Only my mum will have the patience to do this suji....usually she will do on!! no need to help...hahah
Yat Maria said…

wahhh ari raya dah byk biskut raya u pun ada 1..dah tinggal rasa paling2 besok abis my kuih raya tu..haizzz..only this coming sunday ai baru free nak wat kukis..tapi takkan start darii pagi ke malam..pengsan ai..

u ya ni suji soft2 ker hard2?..dah lama tak jumpa bai..ku rasa hard2 tapi tak lah sampai tercabut gigi when gigit kan ;)
its been ur circle and round period eh hee hee

suji - bulat
truffle - bulat
ananas - bulat
cookies - bulat

ur round is so perfect sey same size same shape

tunggu i buat ... macam2 size and shape hahaha
Yat Maria said…
muahahahaha...terketawa baca komen pat atas... mana tak nya, .. kaki gentel sumer bulat same size..muahahha
Anonymous said…
salam rima, its misah again. tks 4 ur info eh, insyaAllah i'l do as u suggested. trima kasih daun keladi, lain masa tolong lagi eh...hee3..btw ur kookies sumer cun2 eh, mcm tuan nyer kan!!!
Melatie said…
Now I am jealous of you. 10 days to go, your cookies already lined up. me. For the past 19 years come hari raya or not, my hubby say no to making cookies except simple cakes/desserts. Dia kata, "tak payah buat, beli je."

Every year, without fail i will get a jar of sugee cookies from my SIL. She made if for selling purposes. So, adik beradik dapatlah. Alhamdulillah.
Anonymous said…
Ehhhh.... Where's my cats tougueee??? Uwekkkk... Hehe.. Li-lin.
Rima said…
Salam to my lovelies!

Berseri?? hehe just like the owner.. kekekeke.. cabutttt

Cik Som
Ape salah nye.. kata sharing is caring :o)
If u nak pinjam mood n tenaga i senang aje.. cuba imagine raya nak dekat hehehe

Yat Babeehh
Part part gentel tu.. adehhhhh blushing ai.. cant u see by now that I am good when it comes to gentel mengetel?? kahkahkah - nasib dah buka baru reply hehehe

Ni suji got 5* fm my mom.. so kira super good lah kan cos she cerewet part suji ni.. it taste even better tadi waktu buka.. my sis makan berulang ulang sampai i had to warn them heheh.. tak keras lah babe.. light, crunchy.. coba lah this Sunday :o)

Yg bulat itew menawan heheh.. tak terperasan seh i hv been mengentel non stop hahaha

Macam nak melurut seluar mak hehhe.. no worries.. if u hv any other question to ask.. u know where to find me :o)

Untung lah u dapat suji perrr hehhe.. for me my hb ni jenis cerewet part part desert.. he much prefers if i bake it myself cos not only i get to try out new kind of cookies... the taste is different cos we use better quality butter and ingredients :o)

Your cats tongue is safe with me cos dont want it to end up like kak t one.. dah letak scotch tape pun kene kopek balik hehehe
somuffins said…
Lupa nak tanya. Measurement of flour is 600-800g. Why is that so? How much did you use?
Rima said…
She gave that measurement cos i guess lain negeri lain texture of the dough tak?.. for me i used in between 700g and since i only buat 1/2 adonan (i get more than 200pcs .. maybe more .. tak kira) i letak 350g of flour for separuh adonan.
rima! TQ!!! been looking for this ( i bought a bit before puasa to munch...but they were so keras think if i baling to the wall pun boleh melantun!) and i trust your nak pi cari time pulak, how leh!?

btw....baju raya dah beli on 31 hari merdeka...hubby kidnapped me frm my baking he he!
Rima said…
I salute ur hb for kidnapping u.. semalam if not cos of my hb i dont think i hv the time to go out berdating dgn dia.. so salute to our hb hehehe

U try buat this one.. my mom suka bangat.. no keras and sedap :o)
BEAUTY said… like your suji..i will try k...kalau jadi me bilang k kalau tak nampak2 tong jawap lah
melmisha said…
salam Rima ... I've tried out your almost famous amos choc chip cookies and I must say that it is PERFECT!!
Anak i tiap hari dok makan berketul ketul, sampaikan dah surut dah bekas tupperware tu, guess have to make another round this weekend. Thanks a lot for sharing.

The next round i nk try your ever famous choc cake tu!!! tp tu kena tunggu mood baikkkk punya!!

Btw, cat's tongue tu biskutnya rapuh ya? i nk cuba coz its something different lah!!
Rima said…
Salam Melmisha
Heheh tu sebab harus letak scotch tape kalau nak pertahan kan si chocolate chip hingga ke raya haha.. my hb lagi teruk.. not only he likes to munch on that chocolate chip.. dough dia pun dia bedal.. he said macam makan ice cream ben and jerry hahaha

Try ah buat.. i am pretty sure it will turn out just fine..

Cats tongue depending on how much batter u pipe.. if tebal dia rapuh on the side and slightly soft in the middle.. if u buat too tipis.. it burns pretty fast.. so u agak agak ok when u pipe it out.. easier if u ade acuan nye cos u know how much batter to pipe..
Rima said…
try ah.. semalam dah beli kan ingredients nye.. jgn main campak campak.. harus weigh ok
Anonymous said…
Wah wah this year raya sakan you ni diva cookies raya 2010 lah. Syabas semoga murah rezeki.Kalau tak singgah blog you ni memang rasa tak lengkap bila buka internet.Kak Aida Klang.
Rima said…
Hehehe bukan diva lah Kak Aida.. i think its more abt baking for my family.. rumah kita ni orang datang lepas seminggu raya.. bake more for my mom.. moga moga murah rezeki kita eh.. Amin
Anonymous said…
salam kak rima..saya nak tanya if buat separuh adunan, egg yolk tu 1 biji setengah ker? -iza
Rima said…
Sorry iza for my super late reply... u take an egg.. kocok pakai garfu and weigh it.. if u egg weigh 60g.. u just use 30g ajer

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