Triple Choco Caramel Cake

This is another one of the 'talk abt' aka one of the famous cakes among the indon food bloggers..(panasaran kata nya dgn cake ini.. yahhh ku cobain deh hari ini hehehe) original recipe is fm Teh Eceu.. u shud check out her blog.. her cake decor and piping skills.. woweeeeee... My piping skill = sucks big time! Anyway hb likes it alot and said its delicious and very filling..

I've halved the original cake recipe and used an 18cm round pan instead cos this cake is actually one of my trial & error cakes for this weekend - heheh someone is getting engaged ey :opp

Ingredients (1/2 recipe - 18cm)
5 eggs
75g Sugar
1/2 tbsp Emulsifier
70 gr flour
30g g Cocoa Powder (I used Valrhona)
40g Dark Cooking Chocolate (Valrhona 64%)
50g Margarine - melted (I used unsalted butter)

- Preheat oven 170C
- Heat butter until melted, add in cooking chocolate and stir.. let it cool - set aside
- Whisk eggs and sugar until fluffy.
- Add emulsifier.
- Add in sifted flour and cocoa powder into batter and continue to whisk till combined.
- Lastly add in melted butter/chocolate mixture and stir well.
- Divide the batter into the prepared cake pan (18cm) smoothen the top, and bake for about 30 minutes, until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean.
Cool cake layers completely.While the cake is baking and cooling, make the filling, syrup, and ganache.

See the slight dent on top of my cake?? heheh my cake slid and droped on the edge of my wire-rack! grrr

Chocolate ganache
250ml Fresh Cream/ double cream/ whipping cream (I used double cream)
250g Dark Cooking Chocolate (I used mixture of 64% valrhona and 45% dark chocolate that i bought in Vienna)
30g Butter

- Place the chopped chocolate in a bowl.
- Heat the cream until it just begins to boil. Remove from heat and pour over the chocolate. Let stand one minute, then stir .. Add in butter and continue to stir until smooth. Clingwrap ur bowl and let it sit in a chiller for at least 3hrs.
- Once u are ready to spread ganache on ur cake.. whisk chilled ganache for a few minutes and its ready to be used.

Caramel syrup
50gr Sugar
25ml of water (1)
50 ml water (2)

Heat sugar with water (1) over fire (cook until it turns caramelized)
Add water (2) into the caramel mixture, cook and stir until caramel melts and blended. Turn off heat, cool
(I heated up the sugar.. waited till it created bubbles and slightly burnt bef adding water 1 & 2)

To assemble the cake:
Remove the cake layers from the pan and cut cake into 2 layers in horizontally, using a serrated bread knife.
Set the first cake layer on a cake plate. Spread simple sugar syrup over it which u can easily do by cooking 1/2 cup of sugar with 1/2 cup of water. Then spread caramel syrup and ganache (1cm thick) over the cake layer, making sure it reaches to the edges. Set another cake layer on top.
Spread ganache on the sides and top then pipe a decorative border around the top.

Anyway guys.. enjoy the cake and recipe: Was hard work to get and translate the recipe and just as hard to bake the cake as it has a few steps.


somuffins said…
Rima..... Grrrr...
Itew cake memang bagi gue penasaran. Masyaallah x 3 (ikut style P.Ramlee).

I just baked a cake too, shhhh but nothing compared to yours.. huhu.
Rima said…
LOL Somuffins.. belum tido lagi eh.. panasaran ya bu? hehehe

Ohhhh buat cake.. yahoooooo.. nanti i go ur house to check it out.. mintak resepi boleh? :o)
MoXchuBakes said…
mcm tau2 je fara dok tgh cr respei choc cake yg best2...hehehe..mestitry bab deko mcm k.rima tu huhuh lom tere lagi a hehehe.,..k.rimanye kalah kedianye kek hehehe..best2..
Rima said…
Aduhhh fara.. my deko also very the not good compare to hers.. orang kata.. deko cukup makan aje hehehe
Anonymous said…
Hi there!
I was blog-hopping and that gorgeous decadent cake pic of urs instantly piqued my interest. Am a baking enthusiast too and itching to give this recipe a go one of these days. A question tho, where do you get your emulsifier and is there a substitute for it, say ovalette or something? it's a sponge cake, no?
ps: I'm in singapore too
Rima said…
Hi Zee
You can get emulsifier fm Phoon Huat.. works as well with ovalette tho.. hmmm wouldnt call it a sponge cake cos the texture is different.. i guess the sugar syrup plays an important part in this cake cos it keeps the cake moist..
Yat Maria said…

This is absolutely gorjessssss!!!!
and that lady nyer blog..leh pengsan ai tgk all those cakes..
hana said…
waweeeee... gue sudah jatuh chentaa sama itu kek santekk! bak sepotong dulu dehh!
Rima said…
Ty for boosting my confident.. this weekend i hv to bake for engagement cake, dah tu aku stress sikit lah but at the same time looking forward to it cos dapat play with nozzles and practice my limited piping skill.. haizz name aje ade the whole set of wilton nozzles but hardly use it :o(

That lady nyer boleh penasaran kan babe?? I ask my hb how the heck does she do it.. hb said... practice and go for lessons.. errrr duhhh.. i mean it takes skill yah to do it and go for lessons?? kahkahkah mana aku nak sorok si budak Sonia niiiiii
Rima said…
Gue pun .. nasib baik gue dapat makan sepotong semalam.. tak ngiler lagi dehhh!
Anonymous said…
I noe...i Niwae... please RESERVED this one piece for me...pleaseeeeeee.... Li-Lin.
Rima said…
i still hv it in my fridge lah lyn.. will take it along this weekend ok
Anonymous said…
Salam Rima, da lama i baca ur blog tau, 'sumer recipe u sedap2 eh..i've tried a yeah!
Anonymous said…
kak rima, the cake texture is dry ke moist..? mybe aida nk try bake this cake if moist.

deco sunggu mabeles.. apa itu benda yg bulat2 mcm guli on top of the cake tu akak?
Rima said…
Salam anonymous.. I wish i cud adrs u by name.. Ty cos sudi singgah n also managed to try out some of the recipes.. Drop by again ok :o))
ilah manaf said…
OMG!!!! OMG!!! Beb... My mom will love this for her bdae ... hint2 tmr ... hahahah but i really tak adventurous nak buat cake besar2 gitu hahahah nvm tmr i will just show her the pix hee hee ...
Rima said…
The cake is not suoer moist macam butter cake hehehe.. Its moist cos u use sugar syrup to coat it.. The texture of this cake goes very well with the caramel n Ganache..

Yg bulat bulat tu malteser :))
melatie said…
Duhhh! bukan mereka saja penasaran. Aku juga gitu deh. Lagi kok Ibu Rima sudah jadi mamarazzi..ambilnya gambar dari belakang kek lagi.

Bila kok aku bisa baking kek gini deh.

Meleleh air liur Ai.
Rima said…
Happy Birthday to ur mom.. kesian lah.. dah lah fav dia u nak tunjuk pulak gambo.. terliur orang tua tu nanti heheh.. if tak sempat bake yg ini bake yg senang senang aje.. the thoughts that count :o)
Rima said…
Hahahah Melati.. kok aku baru dapat lessen semenjak jadi mamarazzi waktu di Jakarta tempoh hari mengambil foto foto di toko chocolate di Mulia hotel.. passss dehhh
Anonymous said…
wow Rima you ni bab bab tentang cake memang Diva ada class. selalu tak sabar buka your blog mesti ada kejutan punya. tq kak aida
Rima said…
Blushing.. tak lah diva Kak Aida.. kita pong bukan nye terer sangat hehhe

Oh ye.. i found a few recipes yg macam that blogger but ah i dont know if thats the one.. basically its chocolate cake as base and milky sauce dia tu probably butterscotch or caramel.. hmmm
Anonymous said…
I prefer follow you. Incase you ada buat. Tq kak aida
ilah manaf said…
she like rich chocolate cake yg berdecet ... with lots of messy chocolate ... hahahah ...
Anonymous said…
hai again rima, sori la tadi siang lupe lak nk introduce myself, aper la kan i nie, masok ruma orang tk kenalkan diri..btw misah here, frm s'pore too..tks.
Rima said…
Ok Kak Aida.. right now i hv a long list of what to bake hehehe.. siapa tahu recipe yg kak aida nak ni i terjumpa .. boleh lah i share here kan.. :o)
Rima said…
Lahhhh boleh tahan ur mom heheh
Rima said…
No worries Misah.. ttyl
Anonymous said…
Rima, bila turun KL singgah lah kat Daiso murah mura. kak aida Klang
jun said…
huhu..another choc cake rima? jeling2 aje lah dulu...just ate dat kek coklat makanan devil tu last week?..hahahha...camnna nk turun weight ni...guess what, i tried 1 of ur cookies...sedap2, thanx a lot....lom sempat letak kt blog lg tp i dah mkn byk, hehe...
Rima said…
Kak Aida Klang
Kat sini pun ade Daiso.. banyak cawangan nye.. bila gi daiso harus hati hati tau.. main letak dalam basket tiba tiba bila nak bayar.. kwang kwang kwang.. my hb call kedai daiso tu kedai "serak" cos selagi selagan semua kat kedai tu ade.. yg kita pulak nak beli itu lah.. nak beli ini lah.. maklum semuanye $2 hehehe
Rima said…
Nak turun weight?? kahkahkah tu macam cita cita Rima jugak tapi kan macam mana nak turun ah kalau tak habis habis bake.. lepas satu satu.. tunggu bulan puasa lah cos cuma bulan tu saje ku nampak slim.. lepas hari raya seminggu .. back to original size :op
Ain said…
tumpang lalu *sambil jeling kek tu*

Rima said…
Ain.. Dont jeling2.. Nanti juling kahkahkah
Ayu said…
salam Rima,
i thought i wanted to try this cake recipe, but before that i nak tanya, ingredients for cake u halved it kan,

yang chocolate ganache & caramel syrup tu pun sukatannya dah 1/2 juga ke?.. then the simple sugar syrup tu pun 1/2 juga ya?(this one kalau tak letak ok tak?)..cake ni manis tak?..sebab, i notice, from the cake, to ganache, to caramel to simple sugar syrup, semuanya sorry i banyak soalan, i ni kan kalau buat kek2 ni kena adjust kemanisannya..kalau tak nanti kesian kek i terbiar aje dlm fridge..sebab dah kena warning dgn penghuni kalau manis2 dia orang tak boleh makan banyak..hehe..hope u can advice what to do ya..thanks Rima!..
Rima said…
Try lah Ayu.. tak susah mana pun..

Yes everything i dah halved kan.. if u tak letak caramel.. cake u jadi tripple chocolate cake and not tripple caramel chocolate cake heheh.. kek tak manis cos chocolatenye overpowering.. well u shud know how valrhona chocolate taste like.. pahit pahit manis gitew.. i tak tahu if its gonna be too sweet if u pakai normal dark cooking chocolate pulak..
Ayu said…
OK Thanks rima,
will adjust mana yang patutlah..hehe
thanks lot lot ya..for sharing.!
Rima said…
No worries Ayu.. good luck and oh try to prepare ganache the night bef u plan nak buat kek itu.. rasa nye lagi kick hehe
Anonymous said…
Hi Rima,each time I read you blog I always feel inspired to bake.However I once had the mode to bake but ended up gaining weight(because I kesian tenguk kek tak habis,my hubby org kampung tak suka kek2 moden ni!!).How did you manage to be slim and baking at the same time???
Carol said…
Dear Rima,
This cake looks absolutely wonderful :)
Can i ask if the ganache is to be spread or can be piped..
Many thanks..
Rima said…
Hi Carol
U can spread and pipe ur ganache after u whipped em.. remember to chill ur ganache for at least 3 hrs bef u whip it..
Carol said…
Thanks very much Rima:)
Love love your blog and all the wonderful cakes/desserts you bake. You are truly gifted.
Rima said…
No worries Carol.. good luck and happy baking!
shahlin said…
kak rima, im a bit confuse bab nak sapu kek tu.
da potong 2. then sapu sugar syrup atas kek tu, baru sapu caramel syrup n last layer sapu ganache.
pastu letak kek atas dia n ganache terus cantek2. macam tu ke?
xcited nak buat ni. tq.

can answer kat email jg. tq manyak2 ye.
Rima said…
yep this is what i do.. slice ur cake into two.. then u letak sugar or better still u letak coffee syrup.. then u letak caramel syrup then u letak ganache.. u place another layer of cake making sure face down so that u can still letak sugar syrup and caramel syrup bef u finally letak ganache.. then u boleh lah at the same time make it cantik cantik.. thats it..
illia said…
i tried ur ganache recipe..but i halve it..then turned out bler i nak pipe the shape x last cm choc melt gitu..i did chilled nite b4..end up i just spread on cake..huhu..=( where i did wrong yer?

Rima said…
what kind of whipping cream did u use? it has to be 38% fat
illia said…
I x igt fat content klo x slap I guna pauls thickened cream..hoho..I bab2 cream ni mm slalu kompius..
Rima said…
Use whipping cream ok instead of thicken cream.. ade cream khas untuk masak ajer and not for baking..
Anonymous said…
Hi Rima, I love ur blog and all the beautiful cakes. I wld like to try to make this cake. Does the ganache melt when it is left outside... thks - Midyyah
Rima said…
Hi Midyyah
It will after a few hours.. its not as bad as buttercream and usually i wud recommend my customer to use ganache for topping if they wanna leave it at room temp
Hi Rima,
What is an emulsifier? What is its purpose?
Is it ovalett?


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