In KL again!

Here we go again! Another KL trip; same old routine. At Pavilion now chilling with Hubby and Sonia...

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Anonymous said…
salam rima,

i saw u n family shopping for groceries at tesco, the curve today - jan10th 2010 :-)

i wanna say hi but my kids were running around...urgh...the moment i manage to keep them together u r gone..hish! i just wanna say u bake n cook but still stay slim. hmm...apa rahsia :-)

i saw sonia in the stroller :-) she's so cute though rambut x byk....hehehe!

hv a nice day...cheers!
Rima said…
Salam Anonymous

You did?? hehehe.. aduhhh small world ey.. next time must say hi ok..

Hv a good week!

Rima said…
alamak no rahsia lah.. i still need to loose more weight :op

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