First weekend - 2010

It's the 3rd day of the year and nothing much is being done to my quest in losing 8kg of blubber. I have to get to it but it's so hard to turn down food. I have no problems portioning my food, but ah... it's the frequency of eating that I'm so not good at.

I started this morning with a small red bean bun thinking oh this is good enough to last me till late lunch ..Gulp.. I was wrong! I had an early lunch and ended up snacking stuff with my hb at abt 3pm and by half past 6, I was so ready to hv my dinner.. Whats up with that!

Anyway, yesterday we had a pretty long day .. Had to attend a wedding lunch and went to town to hv a quick coffee before heading to East Coast for our dinner by the beach with Lyn and co and some friends.. Sooooo here's to a New Year and hopefully, I can resist all the temptations that are sitting in my fridge! :op

Ohhhh for the record today i baked something simple and decided to let it bake at 160C instead of using 175C that was stated.. Why?? I dont even know ..My cake turned out.... **&^%$%^&* Blaaaaaaaahhhh Congrats Rima.. this is your cake blunder number 1 in 2010!!


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