Happy Birthday to me

Today is my birthday!
I turned 41 years old.
Time flies.
10 years ago,
I was 31,
single parent
and having a blast
being single... "cough cough"

10 years, a girl,
a husband
5kg later,
here I am.

I had a great birthday though.
We decided to stay home instead..
(been out for the past 3 days.. ouch!)
I cooked yellow rice with Ayam masak merah and
Beef rendang
Invited mom and dad over
also not forgetting Lyn and co for
a small get together
Hairi came home for a few hours and now
hes back in camp :o(

Hb bought me err can I say nothing?? hahha
ok ok u got me an IPhone a week ago 
gave me a "red packet" for me to shop
Hell yeah!
Dont surprise me.
Dont give me jewellery.
Dont give me diamonds.
I'm cheap :op

I bake myself a small cake ..
an 8" cotton cheesecake with cherry pie filling to be exact(its more for hairi)
I made a wish.
I wish that next year,
I'll have a much more relaxing year and be
happier with myself :o)
and thank you to everyone for
your well wishes
Am blessed...

Recipe u can get it fm my previous post..


Anonymous said…
salam rima,

hepi 41st besday :-) may ALLAH bless u always!

omg! u look so young. if u dont mention ur age i would tink u are in late 20s. hmmm...

anyway, hv a blast holidays.
Rima said…
Awww ty anonymous... ur too kind hehe
somuffins said…
Rima, happy belated birthday. Baru 41? Oit, muda belia tu. Masih boleh .. hmmm.. one more *cough*
Rima said…
Cough cough! Boleh boleh.. But main factory dah bankrupt lah hehe
Idaman Hati said…
Happy Birthday Rima, May Allah Bless u and family. Wishing you a Happy New Year 2011. Looking forward more nice receipe from you....wallllah...muahhhh....

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