This and that..

So the hb is still on leave
Been out and abt practically every single day
Tomorrow we are taking Sonia to the Botanical Gardens

Every year come December u will see
the Aue's in town
No mood to go anywhere since
we travel quite a bit all throughout the year
Its nice to be home for a change
going to the same places over and over again
fm one mall to another
hahahhaha... typical Singaporean!!
Next Wednesday
hb is flying to Vietnam and
I decided not to tag along since
on that weekend we hv to drive to KL again

Whilst we await the arrival of the
new year,
I have a few photos that I would
love to share.. so


somuffins said…
Rima, komain lagi cik Kak you tu, hehe.
Rima said…
She kan over selalu heheh
kak kak kak.. sonia ni comel sgt lah! geraammm!

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