Oh how true!!!

Just a short one from me today.
I hv to run a few errand and i better start early
Yesterday I had a blast with my bff (each time i use the term bff my girlfriends will flip hahhaa)
For the first time in our 10yrs of friendship
we decided to spend our
afternoon in JB
ahem.. we drove there
Did our groceries..
Had our lunch and coffee break
and drove back home
Will definately do this more often
Next agenda.. drive to Malacca and come back the same day
3 crazy women.. 3 lovely kiddoes
2 1/2 hrs drive..
in a car

check out this blog entry from Ruth Akers.
So funny...
but so true!
If you are a mom, you would totally get it!

Have a good weekend peeps
Be safe.. Be well
Bake more!


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