I am having the worst menstrual cramps ever.. arggghhhh!!!
I didnt even bake anything yesterday
and not in the mood to go online since
my lappy is with acer right now..
they say its gonna take at least
a week bef
I cud get it back :o(

Other than that..
theres not much to report..
hb will be away to Europe next week and
I am sooooo NOT looking forward to that..
1) hate being alone..
2) hate the fact that i hv to handle everything
on my own day in.. day out..
and Sonia..
ohhhh she can be a handful!
3) hate the time zone
I hv this feeling that
Its gonna be one bloody loooonnnggggg week
when hes not around

I wish i can tag along but this is one of those
"doesnt make sense for me to tag along" kinda of trips...
well thats what he said anyway... blaaahhhhh whatever!

We'll see if i have the mood
to bake anything later cos right now
my mood is.............................


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