Weekend mood..

Thank goodness its friday...
Its been a month (ramadhan hehe) since hb and I get to chill at PS Cafe or Caffe Beviamo at Tanglin Mall..
I am in need of good cup of espresso dear...
Hmm i think i am gonna go and see Ken (my hairstylist) too..
but whos gonna look after sonia while i do my hair??
maybe she will behave?? gulp hahha..
Have fun, be happy and have a good weekend peeps!!


somuffins said…
Did you manage to do your hair? Diharap 'angin' disana sepoi2 bahasa aje.. hehe.
Rima said…
Hehehe.. i didnt do my hair but i did get my caffein kat cafe beviamo..so kira "angin" dah reda gitu.. hopefully tomorrow if tak busy i wanna do my hair if not next week pun boleh jugak.. :ox

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