We had room service for "sahur".. there has not been one day where Sonia didnt get up for "sahur" .. welp!!

As expected.. we had a long day today.. Sonia was not in her best mood..fussy to be exact.. I finally had it with her during iftar in KLCC.. grrrr.. think shes down with flu or something.. :o(

Oh and finally i got to check out Bagus (the baking supply shop).. hb took the trouble to drive to Shah Alam for me.. heheh thank u hor!

We will be driving back to Singapore tomorrow .. its like driving back to reality lol.. hb will be busy for the next 2wks .. i will be in my super panic mode baking for Eid and slowly packing stuff cos in 3wks time we are moving... arghhhhhhhh sooo sooo much to do!!!!


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