Steamed Fruit Cake... again

Its been one crazy weekend!! busy packing.. busy baking... busy cleaning for the upcoming Eid... arghhhhh.. the worst part... i hv this feeling that i will be busy till after i finish unpacking my stuff in my new home!

Pooofffff... anyway the good news is.. Hairi has been calling me every single day.. yippieeee... he sounded tired.. he sounded homesick tho... my poor boy.. 2 days ago he asked me.. "mama how to use this detergent?" (had bought him the block type) hehhe... tks to the upcoming Eid hols.. my boy will be home this weekend!!

Anyway, this morning after sahur.. i decided to make steam fruit cake... this is hb's fav cake.. why?? cos his malay nanny (he called her nenek) used to make it for him all the time...

This cake is full of flavour, moist and the taste is just right.. i get 2 cakes out of this recipe.. one using 8x8x3" and another using 6x9x2" pan..i think i've post thia recipe bef since i "have to" make it pretty often .. hmm nevermind.. will post it again

600g Flour*
2 tsp Bicarbonate of Soda*
1 1/2 tsp Cream of Tartar* (* Sieved together)
300g Castor Sugar
5 Egg (grade A)
625g Butter (i used golden churn)
500g Mix Fruits
1tsp Essence Vanilla
1 tbsp Sarsaparilla Liquid Brown
1 tbsp black treacle (i added for darker colouring)
2 cups Sugar for caramel

Mix well mix fruit with 1 tbsp Flour (from the 600g above).
Beat butter & sugar until fluffy.
Add in sarsaparilla, black treacle & essence vanilla, mix well.
Add in egg one by one & whisk with hand until just blended (do not over-beat to prevent cake of dry texture).
Fold in flour mixture until just mixed.
Melt sugar in a non stick pan with slow heat until bubble starts to form.. let it bubble for a few sec or till sugar colour turn dark
Quickly but carefully pour into the cake mixture while stirring with wooden spatula.
(It will get harden once it touches batter, so fold in fast.. dont worry if there is some crystallised caramel in the batter).
Finally, add in mix fruit (do not over-mix to prevent the fruit from sinking)
Pour into greased/lined 10" inch diameter cake tin.
Steam for 4hrs on medium heat.. (on high for 2 1/2hr.. medium for 1 1/2hr)

Source: resipidiana


somuffins said…
My fav nih. In fact I just bought the steamed fruit cake 6"x6"x2" which costs me RM45. Do you think the price a bit costly or reasonable??
Rima said…
Hmmm well kat sini orang jual abt S$38 (abt M$85) for a 8x8x3.. if ur paying M$45 for a very small cake, i think mahal sikit but if its moist and sedap, then its worth it.. cake kukus ni cerewet sikit.. dah tu part nak kukus tu yg weak sikit cos lama sangat...
somuffins said…
I would say reasonablelah ek? Kek yang I beli tu memang sedap BUT I sure wld like to taste ALL, and I mean ALL your cakes/cookies.., hehe ;-)
Rima said…
hehe.. terpaksa lah u turun sini if u nak rasa... or try baking it lah.. tak susah mana pun.. :op
edith said…
Hi Rima,

I stumbled upon your cake looking for a Malay Steam fruit cake. I was given a few slices by my new neighbour and had fallen in love with it (first time tasting it). Unfortunately she is not willing to share the recipe. Boy am I happy to find someone willing to share.

Now may I know what is sarsaparilla liquid brown? and can I replace browning sauce with the caramel?

my email is

I am also fascinated by all your bakes. Hope to get to know you better.

Rima said…
Hi Edith

Nice to know u too..i hv never use browning sauce to replace caramel bef.. maybe it will work since both are caramel sugar anyway.. gv it a try and let me know?? sarsparilla liquid brown is used for the flavor and colour.. u can get it in NTUC or try Sun Lik if u do go there..
Prima said…
Hi Rima, firstly many thanks for sharing your recipe. I did it last night. Must say it is a very yummy cake. I gave some to my family members and they all said that the cake is too oily and very soft. Shld i reduce the amt of butter in future? Will it affect the texture? I steamed it for 4hrs.
Rima said…
Hi Prima
Too oily?? The fruit cake is wet, moist and not too oily.. its a heavy kinda of cake and it will taste even better after a few days.. hmmm what kinda of butter did u use? I think if u try to reduce the amt.. it will definately affect the texture..
Prima said…
Hi Rima,

Thanks for your quick reply. I used the golden churn butter. Ok, i have a few more pcs left...will feedback after a few days. But must say that this is one of the yummiest cake kukus that i have ever tried. Can u please tell me what is the life span for this cake? Do i need to refrigerate it? Thank you.
Prima said…
Hi Rima,

Thanks for your quick reply. I used the golden churn butter. Ok, i still have some left...will feedback in a few days. But must say that this is one of the most yummiest cake kukus i have ever tried. Can u please let me know what is the life span for this cake? Do i need to refrigerate it? Thank you.
Rima said…
Hi Prima
Good choice... In my opinion.. Golden churn butter is the best for steam fruit cake and also layer cakes.. let me know if its still too oily after a few days yah..

Wrap it in aluminium foil and keep it in ur fridge if u want it to last long.. It can be kept for as long as 3 months.. mine usually wont last that long heheh
Prima said…
Wow! 3 months?...hmmm, i am sure it won't last that long. i assume leave the cake in the fridge right? not freezer.
Rima said…
No no.. Not in ur freezer..
Anonymous said…
Hi Rima, here's an update. Tried the last few pcs last nite after leaving them in the fridge for a few days. U're rite, it does get better after a few shiokest and it was firmer too....can't wait to give it another go. Thanks again for the wonderful recipe. Regards, Prima
Rima said…
Hi Prima
Yep... just remember to prepare it a few days earlier than the actual date u wanna serve it ok..

hanie said…
hi,can u post a pic of the sarsaparilla?i want to find it in kl.thanks!

Suhanis said…
Hi Rima,
If I were to half the ingredient, how long should I steam the cake?
By the way, I love your cooking!
Rima said…
Hi Suhanis
Usually when i bake half recipe i will steamed it for 3hrs..

Happy baking!
Anonymous said…
Hi sis Rima, I'm making this steamed fruit cake for the 1st time ever in my life. And I'm just clueless with some point of the ingredients which I managed to get them clear off my mind except for that particular black treacle???!!! If I can't get that black treacle, can it be substitute to something else? I hope you will be kind enough to guide me through this. Thanks a lot - Starlynn
Rima said…
Hi Starlynn
U can omit black treacle altogether if u cant find em.. the purpose of using black treacle is to get the signature colour of kek kukus.. i bought mine in JB..

Good luck and happy baking!
Anonymous said…
You can get black treacle at Phoon Huat. This is one damn good yummylious cake. Tks, Prima
Anonymous said…
Oh that's great! I'm right on my way to Phoon Huat tmr early morning to get that black treacle:) many great thanks once again:) - Starlynn
Rima said…
Good luck starlynn!
Ailis Khalid said…
Salam Rima....loves your blog which I stumbled upon while searching for a good recipe for moist steam cake. It has been a tradition to used golden churn butter for cakes as they turn out yummy but unfortunately of late the butter is found to be non halal. Please do check on this if you are not aware yet! Will definately try your kek kukus recipe! Ailis Khalid from PJ
Anonymous said…
Salam Rima.
Love watching your blog esp on the recipes & travelling part. Anyway, today I try baking your steamed fruit cake. I've had a few recipes & tried one before. Just to share with you; the other baker add the mixed fruits after the sugar is caramalized. I guess either way is correct right?
Ummy said…
Salam Rima,

I made this cake on Eid Adha itself n it tasted sooo good!! I didnt use black treacle or sarsaparilla bt added pure nutmeg pwder instead. However, the cake in the smaller pan is dry and not moist like the bigger one. Next time I will take it out after 2hrs n leave the big one for another 2 hrs. Anyhow, I must say this recipe is definately a keeper! Thank u for sharing!!!
Malar Vathi said…
When i pour the burn sugar syrup it got crystalise so fast.. and harden alot is that ok.. will it be crystals when steamed over.
Rima said…
U hv to stir fast or it will be crystalize.. If that happens.. Its ok.. Usually 90% of it will melt once u started steaming Ur cake

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