On the road again...

We got into KL 2hrs ago..
will be here till this weekend yippieee!!!
Time for Rima to take a breather...
Time for hb to finally take a nap without anyone bugging him (phone calls.. well i made him switch off his mobile!)..
Time for us to chill with mom and dad.. (a yearly thingy during ramadhan)
Time for us to spend our last weekend with hairi before his national service
and time for us to "invest/contribute" to Malaysian economy heheheh


Sue said…
Rima!! I loveeeeeeee burger ramly...the best burger in the world!!
Rima said…
like what phua chu kang says.. best in s'pore, jb and batam hahahah.. seriously the one in singapore betul punya pekak badak.. tak sedap!

my hb and i punya fav burger ramly tu kat simpang petaling street.. outside watson.. yummmmm

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