Ondeh Ondeh

Had prepared ondeh ondeh for iftar today.. sorry guys..  as for ingredients theres no exact measurement.. use ur own judgement ok..   

1/2 packet Vanilla glutinous powder (tepung pulut pandan)
1/2 tsp salt
1tsp pandan paste (or pandan juice)

Palm sugar (slice thinly)

Fresh coconut
pandan leaves
pinch of salt

Steam fresh coconut with pandan leaves.. add a pinch of salt to it
Boil water``
Mix dry ingredients first.. then add water and pandan paste bit by bit making sure dough doesnt turn out too soft
Divide dough into small balls
Add palm sugar.. roll dough into small balls again
Throw balls into boiling water and wait till it float
Once float take it out and roll it on fresh coconut

Note: Sis Wati, u were complaining that ur ondeh ondeh didnt turned out as planned?? hmmm did u use this type of flour??


Ditya said…
Hello Rima
Pernah tak Rima cuba campur mashed sweet potato (rebus/steam then mash) dlm dough onde-onde (ie campur dgn tepung pulutnya). Lebih sedap!
Rima said…
Hello Ditya
Sorry lambat reply.. busy bangat hehe.. yes i ever campur mashed sweet potato.. memang lagi sedap..

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