Oats Cookies

Last night while going thru my baking pantry, i realised that i hv like 350g of rolled oats left fm my previous bake.. thought of baking muesli bars again but didnt hv enough honey.. so decided to bake this cookies since its a mix, stir and bake kinda cookies..

Tastewise?? its nice and crunchy.. well hb loves it.. i am not madly in love with it but i hv been munching on it non stop hahahha.. Rima .. Rima.. how on earth are u gonna fit into a size 6 muuuaahhahaha

375g butter
1 tsp vanilla essence
6 egg yolks
2 cups sugar (grind)
1½ cup self raising flour
300g almonds/cashew nut (cut into small pcs and baked for abt 10mins) (i used almonds/pecan)
1 kg rolled oats (baked for abt 10mins)

Using a hand whisk.. mix butter, sugar and vanilla till fluffy.
Add egg yolk one at a time till batter thicken
Add flour and nuts (flour and nuts has to be mix first bef adding into butter mixture)

Add rolled oats and continue to stir using rubber spatula
Bake in preheated oven of 180C for abt 15-20mins..

Note: I am using 1/3 of this recipe since i hv only 350g of rolled oats left.. if ur using the full recipe u will get abt 200pcs out of it.. i get abt 70pcs.


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