Hello lovelies...
today is gonna be one awesome day... eerr i think..
err i know cos i can feel it!!
mostly because today is friday...
and in Rima's world.. my weekend starts today!
I got my playlist up and running in my blog again... yippie!!
I am listening to"It feels so good" by Sonique..
oh how i loveeeeeeeee that song..
am dancing in my pyjamas and guess what?

I had lost like 4kgs since
I took my super duper energy boost pills..
hopefully more now that its Ramadhan and all that..
I kept on telling myself
that I would lose
some of the pregnancy weight I had with my 2nd.
Good news,  I didnt gain any more weight
for about 1 1/2 year and now i'm slowly loosing it..
Bad news...I need to lose 10kg more.
Will be happy with
just err 5kg.. 
If i dont.. i will start to look like a baboon
Not a very cute one at that.
I want to look HOT.
not like a MILF..although I wont mind it,
if I ever did become one.
But at least,
look good and healthy.

Anyhow lets not ponder abt that
It's nice and cool here, totally hoodie weather.
It SUPER and makes me want to get my fall decorations out...
fall?? what fall?? hahah
All i know the road to the weekend
is just spread right out in front of me!

Have a good weekend peeps.. eat less.. be happy..
and hv a good iftar!


Sue said…
spread right out...very deep meaning there gf..hihihi..enjoy your weekend!
Rima said…
"Blink" "blink" :op

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