Easy Shepherd Pie

My family favourite food.. shehperd pie.. the easy version hehehe.. when asked what they want to hv for dinner.. both agreed on the same pie... its easy, overly simple and of cos "fast to cook" heheh

300g mince meat
1 can campbell mushroom soup
1 large onions (dice)
1 pack of mozarella cheese
celery, carrots, mix vegetables
crush black pepper
Mash potatoes

Stir fry dice onions till fragrant
Add in mince meat and continue to fry for another 2 mins or till brown
Add in mushroom soup...stir till well mix, add a little water if u want (i didnt) Add celery, carrots and mix vegies.. let it simmer for a few mins and pour it into a greased casserole dish
Top with mash potatoes (u can either fix ur own mash potatoes or buy ready mix.. didnt matter much) and mozarella cheese
Baked on preheated oven at 200C for abt 25 - 30mins or till top brown



Anonymous said…
Salam kak rima, wahh. Nmpak sedap jee. Naj tny sikit. campbell soup tu tin besar ke tin kecil?
Terima kasih.
Rima said…
W'salam Jun
Tin kecil ajer :o)

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