22nd August marks the first day of Ramadhan for Muslims all around the world. To all my Muslim friends and family, have a blessed Ramadhan!

What is Ramadhan...
you may ask.

Well, Ramadhan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar and it's the holiest month of the entire year. During this month, Muslims fast from dawn till dusk. That means, no eating or drinking. And abstain from doing negative habits, like gossiping, lying etc etc. That includes abstaining from strapping bombs onto our bodies too. *sarcasm* Sorry.. Bad Joke. Just had to say it :D

Fasting during Ramadhan.. It's like taking a shower... you just do it... no questions asked. I've been fasting since I was 6 years old, and I guess, it's second nature to me. And yes, my dear hb fast too :op

Whenever Ramadhan approaches. I just love the family gatherings...Especially eating at my moms place.. during breaking fast - the meal we eat at sunset. Mom has 3 girls and 8 grandchildren.. and during Ramadhan, her house is always open. It's like an informal family gathering every nite and there's always enough food to go around.

Somehow, food always taste better when it's shared.. err food also always taste better at mom's...period!

During Ramadhan u just cant get enough with the food bazaars, and the ambiance. It's different. Even though Singapore is mostly made up of Buddhists, during Ramadhan,the atmosphere in the country changes. Just as it changes during Chinese New Year.. Or Deepavali.. Or Christmas.

What I like about being here is that everyone is aware, sensitive and educated about the different cultures and religions the country is made up of...And we accept the differences.

Have a blessed Ramadhan everyone...


Sue said…
Didn't realize how much i missed Ramadhan back home until i read your post..
Rima said…
I can imagine... i am very very close with my mom and sisters... somehow i think.. if we ever move to somewhere.. i mesti balik waktu ramadhan or shawal..

I remember last year during ramadhan, kita kat switzerland and italy for 3wks.. masuk 2nd week i dah macam cacing kepanasan nak balik hehehe

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