Sweet Potato Soup

Another long day... i had just put Sonia to bed... for the 2nd time actually!... usually i wont put her to bed twice but because she only slept for like half an hour earlier on, i had to put her to bed again... so when Sonia is fussy... mama gets frustrated... and when mama gets frustrated... shes not in mood to bake or shud i say... too afraid to even whip up something...

Well today desert is sweet potato soup.. simple and yet so so goodddd...

Sweet potato
Palm sugar
Castor sugar
Coconut milk
pinch of salt
Pandan leaves
2tbsp sago (soak and wash)

Sweet potato has to be cut into cubes
Boil water, sweet potato and pandan leaves
Once sweet potato soften, add palm sugar and also sugar
Add coconut milk and salt
Add sago
Gv it a quick stir and let it boil for 5 mins or so...


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