King of Fruits...

What a lazy weekend we had... well not yesterday tho... we ate the most amt of durian simply cos hb's GM gave us tons and tons of it... cannot describe how rich and super tasty it was!... well not only that... he gave us like a bag full of rambutans, a bag full of mangosteen, a bag full of duku, a bag full of sweet potatoes and like 4 stacks of kailan vegetables... not forgetting 4 huge durians and 7 packets of durian meat...gulp.. when we went over to his place, i was like... oh god.. how on earth are we gonna finish it... well what did we do???? hehhe

It was already half past 5 when we picked up our goodies, Lyn and I thought of a way... we invited mom and dad, wati and co to come over to my place... did a small bbq, ate up all the goodies... We had a lovely time... was worth the effort... worth the time and most of all... we had such a wonderful last minute family gathering... a big thank u to Mr Melchers.. u are the king of the fruits! hahahhah


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