J'adore Paris

Time for more hols pics?? Paris... oh how i wish i were in Paris right now hehhe... they say its one romantic place to be... errr not in our case lol... we had a blast there of cos but didnt feel romantic at all hahah... too busy walking fm one end to another... i was pissed off cos hb kept on wanting to see Paris city on foot! eeekkk there are buses for gods sake! u can still see Paris by bus!! hahahh.. anyway because of Paris... i learned that u can actually see all sorts of stuff by walking lol... and that includes finding secluded shopping alleys :op

I loveeee Disneyland but not the one in Paris... hmmm come to think of it.. i hv not been to the one in Anaheim for like 11 long years! welp.. i seriously dont even know how to persuade hb to go to the US... hes ur typical european guy who has that square thinking that "theres nothing to see in the US... no old building to see... no history" errr errr... but but... "who cares abt old buildings.. there are lots and lots of factory outlet there!!" hahahahha

La Tour Eiffel est superbe!


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