Rising Bread (Roti Naik)

Baked bread for breakfast today... it was said that this bread is famous in JB...hmmm not that i notice... but definately will try to keep a look out the next time we're in JB... tastewise? creamy and pretty sweet... texture wise? superrrr soft! recipe taken fm tiffinbiru.

400 g bread flour
100 g hong kong flour
250 ml water
50 g milk powder
3/4 tsp bread improver
180 g light brown sugar
100 g butter (melted)
11 g instant yeast
1 tsp vanilla essense
a few drops of yellow colouring

1. In a bowl add all ingredients except butter. Knead dough and slowly add butter a little at a time. Continue to knead.
2. Let dough rest for 45 mins
3. If ur using breadmachine like me... add ingredients according to manufacture recommendation.. select dough function and press start.
4. Take dough out and gv it a little punch..
5. Divide dough into 16 balls... I weighed mine 60g each
7. Let it proof for another hour or till double in size
8. Bake at preheated oven 190C for 20mins

Note: Dough is a little sticky so its best to flour ur working area and ur hands... Once baked brush bread with butter...


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