Psssttttt............. come and take a peep....

Our little angel.... she only walks when hb is around... hmmm hb said i am not "fun" enough thats why Sonia didnt wanna walk when i tell her to... sureeeeeeee :op


kak rima, my son, an 1yr & 10mnths boy, really enjoy this video..he called sonia, "baby,baby,baby" & dia ketawa bukan main lagi
Rima said…
LOL ye ker.. if its not cos of ur comment i tak go back and look at the video.. those were the days.. am so glad i load this video here.. so glad that ur son enjoys it hehe
i rakam some of the best moments of my son, 1 had 1st time dia meniarap, 1st time he walked aka berlari (sebab bila dia dpt berjalan tu, dia terus berlari, dance & singing of cos :)LOL..when i go back to those pics/video i think i wanna add more children cos i tersgt teringinkan a daughter..huhu

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