Durian Sticky Rice

This is my favorite durian desert of all time... I swear, i cant get enough of this super delish desert!! i know for sure each time i cook it i will be the only one thats gonna finish it cos hb will only hv one serving and hairi hates durian... hmmm funny isnt it... the Caucasian in this house loves durian and the Javanese hates it hahahha

Hb is now on his way to Frankfurt... i am not gonna pretend that i am loving it cos i'm not!! hate being alone... no one to argue with hahhaha... ok ok heres the recipe...

454g fresh or frozen durian

For Sticky Rice
2 Cups Sticky Rice, Soaked over night, Rinse & Drain
2 Cups Coconut Milk
3 Pinch Salt
3 Tbs Sugar
a little oil

For Sauce
2 Pandan Leaves, Tied together
White Sugar as needed (i used palm sugar and white sugar)
1 Can Coconut Milk (i used KARA)
Pinch of Salt

For sauce
1. Thawed Frozen Durian. If it's fresh Durian, Don't bother to thawed it.
2. Cooked in a small pan durian, coconut milk, sugar, pandan leaves and salt... for abt 10 mins or till fragrant.
3. Stir occasionally to avoid burning

For Sticky Rice
Throw sticky rice ingredients in rice cooker. Cook it just like you cook regular rice. Or you can cook with a steamer method too.(It's all up to u though, Which want u prefer).I prefer steamer method tho

How to serve it
Scoop sticky rice first and pour sauce on top. Done and ready to eat.


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