Chocolate Milk Pudding

Sorry guys.. TGIF... weekend mood... time for my oven to take a breather hehehe...but knowing me.. i still need to do something quick and easy.. so here u are... chocolate milk pudding.. honestly even ur kids do it!... recipe fm lovetocook at MR

10gm jelly powder
350ml water
650ml UHT chocolate milk
100gm sugar
pinch of salt
3/4 tsp chocolate emulco
Evaporated milk

1. Bring to boil water, jelly powder and sugar..
2. Add chocolate milk and let it simmer before adding salt and chocolate emulco
3. Pour into desire mold... Refrigerate for a few hours before serving with evaporated milk

NOTE: I know there are ppl out there who doesnt like the taste of chocolate milk... well the good news is.. u can also use strawberry milk instead but dont forget to change chocolate to strawberry emulco ok


edith said…
Is jelly powder same as agar agar powder?
Rima said…
Yep.. u can either get swallow brand or rose brand

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