Apam Balik

Taaadaaaaaaaaa finally i get to make my own Apam Balik aka Apam Pulau Pinang... whenever i go to night market in Malaysia, I always make a point to buy this Apam... u can either do it thin and crispy or a thick one like pancake.. recipe fm Ms Oreo

2 cups flour
½ cup sugar
1 tsp soda bicarbonate
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp yellow colour
1 large egg
1½ cups water ( i use milk)
A little of planta or butter

Peanuts, sugar and cream corn

1. In a blender.. blend egg and sugar till fluffy
2. Add soda bicarbonate, baking soda, water and yellow colouring (remember to sieve ur soda) and continue to blend
3. Add flour... blend till well blended
4. On a medium low fire heat up non stick pan
5. Apply a little butter and pour a scoop of batter.. once u see little bubble foaming add sugar, peanuts and cream corn before folding it into two...



nizaineese said…
Very nice Kak Rima... Ada satu lagi resepi apam balik tapi guna durian famous among nyonyas esp in Melaka.. Nice blog and recipe.. First time singgah
Rima said…
Hi Nizaineese
Ty for coming to this humble blog of mine.. apam balik durian ni famous in singapore too.. asal lalu depant aje harus ku beli at least 5 keping hahhha
nizaineese said…
oh, kat spore pun ada ya ke kak? akak ada ke resepi apam balik durian tu.. been searching for it but to no avail

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