Rainbow Pudding

Another simple pudding recipe which u can prepare under 20mins... recipe fm myresipi

10g jelly powder
200g sugar
650ml water
1 egg
200ml evaporate milk
1tbsp custard powder
60g butter
1tsp vanilla essence
1tbsp cocoa powder (mix it with little water)
1/2 tsp of ur choice of colour (i used red and yellow)

Boil water, sugar and jelly powder till sugar well dissolve
In the meantime, whisk egg lightly, add evaporated milk and custard powder
Add egg mixture to sugar mixture and continue to cook till boil
Add vanilla and butter...
Divide jelly into 3 bowls, add cocoa mixture to one of the bowl, red to another, yellow to 3rd bowl.
Pour the 3 colours alternatively.. making sure ur tin is slightly tilted higher on one end so as to get the layers (as in photo) ... U can use 7" square tin or any kind of jelly mould
Chill and serve cold


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