Longan Syrup Jelly

After this morning blunder i dont think i hv the mood to even attempt baking the same cake... maybe in the first place, i shud not even buy a certain brand of flour that was on offer... maybe its close to expiry date.. i dont know and i cant check now... well the moral of the story... always go and get ur baking stuff fm a proper baking supply shop...

Ok time to move on Rima and not still thinking abt ur kuih... anyway this cheery longan jelly is very simple to prepare... I like sweet jelly so the only thing that i might do next time is to add maybe 1 tbsp of sugar, 1tbsp of rose syrup and also half a cup of water more to the syrup mixture... to each is its own... recipe fm rinnchan...

20gm agar agar powder (jelly powder)
1 can of longan
4~5 cups of water ( i use 5 cups)
2 tbsp sugar
4 tbsp F&N rose syrup ( i recommend u use 5tbsp tho)

1. Boil water and jelly powder.. Add in sugar...
2. Scoop out 4tbsp of jelly mixture and add half can of longan syrup to it.
3. To the rest of the jelly mixture add in rose syrup... this is where i wud highly recommend to add 1tbsp more of sugar, syrup and half cup of water to it.
4. Arrange longan in mould... pour in longan jelly mixture and let it half set.
5. Once its half set... pour in ur rose syrup mixture....
6. Chill for an hour before serving

Note: if ur using small mould.. place 3 longan in each mould before pouring jelly mixture.


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