My "super duper" dear hb can speak in 5 different languages... english, german, french, mandarin and malay... the way he converse in all the different languages is flawless.. his mandarin is superb BUT his malay.. gulp!he used to speak like indon but now prefers market malay hahahaaa... anyhow.. We speak to Sonia mostly in english and malay and every so called saturday hb has to make an effort to speak to her in german... i dont see that happen every week tho..

She can speak a little now.. she said "dirty" very clearly, she calls us mama and papa..even calls her bro by his name hehe.. she understands a little german tho and "auto" is her new found word .. she has a fav german book that we read to her every single day.

Last night we had the same conversation abt him not speaking to Sonia in his native language and he said laughingly... " maybe i shud teach her how to converse in GER-ME-LAYU" (german+melayu)..oh men! at first i got agitated but later burst into laughter! hahahaha


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