Ok heres the deal... i dont make donut all the time and when i do feel like having one i wud always stick to this recipe... its easy and taste good too... dough is easy to handle and not sticky at all.. u can either use a stand mixer or be lazy like me... use a breadmaker machine to knead ur dough hehe.. a recipe by Sifu Suria..

3 cups flour
3tbsp milk powder
3tbsp shortening
3tbsp sugar

200ml warm water
2tsp instant yeast
20ml warm water (if needed)

Mix B and add to A... Knead till it no longer stick to ur bowl..
Roll it and use a donut cutter to cut it.
Let it rest for 30 mins or until dough double in size
Fry it till golden brown

Once it cools down u can coat it with cinnamon sugar or even use chocolate for glazing

If ur using breadmaker... add ur ingredient according to ur machine instruction..



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