Cherry Blossom Pudding

Finally it rained! oh my... last couple of days.. SUPER HOT! i cooked cherry blossom jelly last night thinking its gonna be another warm day today but i was wrong hehe... its alright no harm done... recipe fm Sunkist.


10gm agar-agar strips (i used jelly powder)
10 pcs of lycee in can
21/4 cup water
1 cup lycee syrup (fm lycee can)
2/3 cup sugar
Red colouring (i opted for peachy)
Red cherry (didnt use cos none in my pantry)


Cut lycee like in pic.. making sure it looks like flower
Boil water, lycee syrup, sugar
Add in red colour
Pour a little of ur jelly mixture in mould, place lycee in the middle (cherry shud be place in the middle of lycee) Add more jelly mixture (depending on how high u want ur jelly to be)
Refrigerate for an hr or so.

Pic below courtesy of sunkist


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